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10 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is More Effective Than Other Media


The evolution of social media and digital marketing has given birth to various methods of communication. One such method is video marketing which has been on a constant rise for a while. As actions speak louder than words, people are opting for information sources which are more engaging and memorable. With video marketing filling all the voids of all-text content, it has been observed that 82% of B2B marketers gained success with video marketing initiatives.

If you are doubtful about introducing video content to your digital marketing strategies, the below 10 reasons will tell you why you should get your hands on this versatile and most profitable digital marketing tool now:

Helps Audience Understand Better

If you are introducing a new product or a service then creating an explainer video is the best way to educate your audience. As people find it boring to go through huge paragraphs of text to understand a product or a service, explainer videos make this learning process more interesting and easier to grab the information. Either in the form of infographic or animated content, videos which are a perfect combination of edutainment, nostalgia and simplicity will always hit the right chords.

Engages Audience Emotionally

One of the most influential ways to evoke emotions online is by creating videos which are seamlessly blended with voice tones, facial expressions and inspiring music. Videos containing consistently engaging content and a spellbinding final call-to-action are likely to be successful in positively inspiring consumers for trying out new products and services. Although the audience will not feel the need to immediately invest in the new product, the emotion-filled video will subconsciously help them make the right choice.

Enhances Conversions and Sales

A successful marketing campaign is defined by its number of conversions and sales generated. As visual information is more efficiently transmitted to the human brain, videos are a great source of pushing consumers closer to a purchase. With 64% of consumers showing interest in buying a product after viewing a video about it, adding a product video on the landing page or adding a video with a positive customer experience rapidly increases the purchase intent of the consumers.

Increases Website Traffic

Online videos play an important role in increasing the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of a website. Similar to other SEO related web pages, videos will drive more traffic to your website. However, as the presence of online video is lesser compared to text content, it is essential to optimise videos with relevant title, description, thumbnails and tags to enhance its reach towards the desired audience.Videos also generate a good amount of organic traffic because the sharing of videos creates an inbound link back to its original web page. These inbound links significantly improve the SEO ranking of the website making it more authoritative on major search engines.

Demonstrates Significant Returnon Investment

83% of businesses claim that video marketing provides a better return on investment than other media. Althoughit is not easy to produce a highly engaging and content-driven video, a substantial video marketing campaign certainly pays off well. The easy availability of affordable video editing tools and smartphones with high-resolution cameras has made it easier for millennials to compose and edit superb videos in the nick of time.

Grabs Attention of Mobile Users

With a growing number of users accessing most of the online content on the go, people prefer to watch videos on smartphones rather than watching them on TV and desktop. Also, the easy availability of smartphones and the internet has tremendously increased the number of online viewers. As people feel a sense of personal connection with the brands which appear on their mobile screens in the form of ads, it is necessary to make videos which are more sensitive and give a personalised experience to the mobile viewers. Videos that provide information in the form of condensed content which is sufficiently long to engage the viewers but incredibly small to leave the viewers wanting for more are effective in grabbing the attention of mobile users.

Encourages Prompt Shares on Social Media

Social networks act as a great platform for sharing videos. Following the success of YouTube, social media platforms such a Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have also come up with new video features such as 360° videos and short video stories. When users come across a brand video which they find both relevant and interesting, they are likely to share that video on social media platforms. The increased number of shares results in an increase in the web traffic ultimately encouraging users to try a particular brand.

Helps Brands Make the Most Out of Trending Topics

Videos provide a voice to your brand and cango viral by delivering imperatively relevant content by taking advantage of the consumer behaviour, trending news stories and hashtags. Most of the brands incorporate such real-time marketing strategies to get involved in social conversations. The brands that spark conversations and link their videos to the latest trends are likely to gain more consumer attention than others.

Personalises Your Business

Video contribute greatly to a brand’s transparency.It acts as the most effective way to let the audience see the processes and people behind your business. As people like to get involved in business with people, creating a video which tells your brand story is an ideal way to illustrate your brand. When companies post videos of how they work or which methods they use, they create awareness about the brand process amongst its audience. This draws the attention of new prospects who wish to associate with the brand in various forms.

Increases Brand Exposure and Brand Association

Using brand logos in videos helps in establishing an instant connection between the company and the consumers. To maximise the visibility of your brand and build corporate identity and trust, it is essential to watermark your videos with your logo. Also, as consumers easily associate with a brand over its video, it is essential to maintain the quality of the video. Bad picture and sound quality can trigger negative brand associations and also tarnish the credibility of your content.

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