20 Remarkable Homepages For Inspiration from New Startups


When you think startup, you either get a picture of a new business barely scraping by or a tech business that has a professional and polished front. The best way to make a great impression for a startup is create a well-designed website for the company. But in this list, these startups have gone beyond great design. They’ve created some remarkable homepages that are bound to impress audiences, customers and investors. Here is a list of 20 startup sites to pay attention to.

1. QPay

QPay is a startup that offers merchant services to events and services that cater to university students. To show the versatility of this product, they use multiple examples of how QPay can be used by showing it off on multiple 3-D screens that are interactable.

2. Picmoji

Picmoji is a photo customization app. They do a great job showing how their product works by using a mobile phone presentation and using large hero images in the background. The design is simple but vibrant and relevant to the app’s purpose.

3. Ellevest

Ellevest starts out with a minimalist design but it transitions into a powerful sales page. It uses great typography, changing layouts and an infographic-like salesletter that really hits all the right buttons. It’s a great example balancing powerful copy and design.

4. Lemonade

Lemonade’s website starts out with a beautiful hero image sketch art with a powerful message. The whole presentation looks like a well-designed infographic with great content and copy. Unlike Ellevest, they also manage to keep the entire design minimalist which really helps their message shine.

5. Kinnek

Kinnek is a great example of a design that creates the right narrative. Their service connects businesses with the equipment they need, so they used photos of various business owners operating their stores. They keep the design tight with great iconography, strong call to actions and a simple layout.

6. Pure

Pure is a dating app that gets straight to the point with a strong headline. They follow it up with suggestive animated images that describe their service. Brilliant usage of typography can be found throughout the homepage to keep the user engaged and interested.

7. Abacus

Abacus is an expense report application that decided to take a step back and use a minimalist and retro design for their website. This presentation allows the user to understand what it is they do while also giving way to the website’s message, creating an effective design.

8. Capsule

It’s not easy to make a website that really jumps at you when it comes to certain industries like manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. But Capsule manages to do create a great homepage design with vibrant animation style images and a story oriented approach.

9. Burrow

Sometimes all it takes to create a great design is to use the right photos. Burrow proves that with relevant photos of their product throughout their homepage. They do an amazing job with using the negative space to let their photos shine. The giant hero image that introduces their product is the perfect example of this in work.

10. Bread

Bread uses animation style design to describe what their service does. They combine it with transition effects and animated images of their service in action to give potential customers a complete overview of what they offer. Everything is well executed on their homepage.

11. Emissary

Emissary combines an infographic style design and a story driven approach for their homepage. They walk the user through a sales process using a visual process map to demonstrate how their service differs. This is combined with video stories of real customers to complete the whole experience.

12. Honey

Honey’s design isn’t all that different from other applications that show off how their product works. But they manage to keep it interesting by using alternating layouts and different splash colors throughout their design.

13. Hooch

Hooch is an app service that gives away a free drink every day. To reflect this selling point, they use a backdrop that features various tech devices and a cocktail. On the right side of the homepage, they demonstrate their app in use. Everything is to the point and concise, leaving the user no choice but to try their service out.

14. Latch

Latch uses a very modern and minimalist design for their homepage. They start out with a very professional hero image and demonstrate their product through schematics and instructional images. This all comes together in a sleek presentation that sells the product and the brand.

15. Kustomer

Kustomer is a CRM company that does an excellent job with graphical presentations of how their platform works. They use great iconography, authoritative copy and a well-designed navigation menu which is perfectly crafted to get their target prospect to request a demo.

16. Money Lion

Money Lion uses a visual driven presentation for their homepage. They put a lot of emphasis on interactive elements. Here you’ll see transition effects, mouseovers and parallax elements to keep the user engaged. They also keep the presentation fresh with changing layouts throughout the homepage.

17. Nomad

Nomad is a recruiting company for the medical field. They use simple and attractive animation splashes, icons and videos to describe what their company does. The designer did a great job of combining sky blue, teal and white to create a light and elegant look for the site.

18. Ollie

Ollie delivers high quality dog food to pet owners. They use clever and cute photos of dogs for their sales page. They’re also not afraid to put in fun elements like moving tennis balls and silly photos of dogs to play into the pet theme.

19. Raden

Raden is a high tech luggage company that seems to have taken the pages right off Apple’s book. They combine a luxe and minimalist presentation to set the tone of their design. This is backed by high-resolution photos with a feature-rich rundown of their product.

20. Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome is a clothing line for kids. Naturally, they decided to make a website that was fun and interactive. They succeeded with this design approach. The homepage features fun photos, animations that react to mouseovers, transition effects, interactable sliders and even Instagram posts.

These homepages should get you excited about designing your own. But take note that all of these startups approached their homepage design in a way that suited their business and brands. So as you start your project, put a lot of thought into creating a homepage that really describes your business and captures its essence.


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