April 23, 2019
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You’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure your warehouse runs like a well-oiled machine. 

You have all the right equipment, dedicated employees, and an inventory system that makes sure your customers get what they need on time. You’ve even made sure that your online warehouse data is secure.

But one thing you might be overlooking?

Proper security measures. 

Read on to learn why you should hire security officers to protect your warehouse.

1. Keep an Eye on Things After Hours

It can be hard to have true peace of mind about your inventory knowing that you’ve left hundreds of thousands of dollar’s worth of items unguarded in your warehouse. 

Sometimes, the biggest benefit the physical presence a security guard can offer is monitoring your warehouse after hours. 

They’ll even help you draw up a security plan, as well as a response plan if there’s been a break-in or theft.

2. Guard Against Employee Theft

Even giant companies like Amazon have had to implement new measures to improve warehouse security in regards to employee theft. 

We know you want to be able to trust everyone on your team, but it becomes challenging when inventory goes missing. 

Security officers can help you identify the culprits, so that warehouse workers don’t have to feel like they’re being wrongfully suspected. 

In many cases, even just the presence of warehouse security guards is enough to deter employee theft.

3. Ensure Security Technology Is Working

What’s one more of the many things that an in-person security service can provide you with? 

They’ll make sure that any technology you use for security — like alarms, cameras, and even motion sensors — continue to work properly.

They’ll routinely test and maintain this equipment, alerting you at the first sign of a problem. 

4. Protect Employees

Especially given the rise in workplace violence, about 1 out of every 7 employees say they don’t feel completely safe at work.

This is also true for your warehouse workers — perhaps even more so because of the sprawling warehouse environment. 

Sometimes, security officers can simply serve as a way to give your employees peace of mind. It also helps to let team members know you’re serious about their safety and security. 

5. Boost Your Company’s Reputation 

Warehouse security officers don’t just help to protect your inventory and employees on a deeper level. 

They can also improve your company’s overall reputation.

This is true both for consumers who visit your warehouse, as well as any corporate inspection representatives that come through it. 

Reap the Benefits of Warehouse Security Officers

Whether you need security officers to help you stop employee theft in the warehouse, or if you just want to be certain that your security equipment is always working, there’s no reason not to hire them. 

Need more advice on what you can do to ensure that your work environment is as safe as possible? Want to understand how to improve your approach to cybersecurity

We’re here to help you make it happen. 

Keep checking back with us to learn about how to best protect your data, your inventory, your team members, and everything in between.