5 Myths about using storage facilities busted:


The trend of using storage units is increasing day by day. People are opting for the same to declutter their houses and to make room for new stuff. However, there are some people who are still not ready to use these facilities believing certain myths behind the same. They are reluctant believing all what is shown in those horror movies. But in real sense,these storage units near you is the best way to safeguard our belongings which otherwise are not safe if dumped at home.

So for all those people who believe in these myths, here are the most common myths surrounding storage units and the reality behind the same:

Myth 1: Storage units are scary

Those who watch a lot of horror movies and have seen storage houses at some secluded places actually believe that storage units are scary in real life as well. Do you actually believe that? Trustus this is just a myth, all what you see in horror movies is not true. Storage units are not at all scary and no one lives there. You will only find security guards there who are safeguarding and securing your belongings kept at storage units.

Myth 2: Storage facilities are meant only to dump things

How can you even think about that? Storage units’ vendor spend a lot of amount building these storage units and provide you best of the amenities. And all this can not be for dumping clutter only. The percentage of people using storage units are increasing day by day and people are keeping their valuable and important items in these units. Nobody will spend huge rent only to dump the stuff.

Myth 3: storage facilities are not safe

Again a myth. 24/7 security is available at these places and every nick and corner of these units are under CCTV surveillance so there is no point of things getting stolen. Also, few storage units provide facility of entering premises through passcodesonly, which leaves no scope of any unauthorized entry. For more safety and security you can always lock your storage unit with your personal lock to ensure that safety of your belongings is in your hands only.

Myth 4: Storage units are messy and unhygienic

This is something far from reality. Storage units are well maintained and are very hygienic. Regular cleanliness is done in these areas to ensure that there are no such substances that can harm the belongings and stuff kept in these storage units. In fact, you will find these storage units cleaner then your garages and stores.

Now that you know that all what you were thinking about storage units are nothing but myths, what are you waiting for pick all that stuff which is not used frequently and keep the same in storage units? Once you have got the best storage unit near you, you will realize what comfort and peace of mind you were missing in your life without having a place to safely store all your items.


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