5 Reasons to Use Wholesale Selling Tools to Optimize Sales Order


Depending on the season, sales continuously go high, and every month or year, they continue to go all high in full swing and most sales businesses consider rushing off their sales. When you head into new seasons, as a retailer, you will also be all set to place your orders as well as restock those shelves and your sales reps will sell with confidence. However, this is possible if you have the right B2B e-commerce solution such as wholesale selling tools for better customer reach.

You are all excited for the right profitable season and ready to start receiving orders. With so many new orders coming in, you must know that it takes some time for the orders to find their way into your office. Most sales and reps agencies now focus on doing exactly what they are able to do best, as well as selling.

When it comes to wholesale businesses, where the influx of orders is often high, fax order forms, emailing and other details could turn out to be time-consuming, especially when it comes to keeping up with the delivery and orders. Annually, e-commerce businesses face a backlog of pending orders from their agencies and reps. At this stage, you will be lost in a pile of paperwork’s that need the right processing.

With many pending orders coming in, and the items all waiting in line, some errors like lost products, duplicate orders, and others are sure to occur. At such times, you can then turn to smart e-commerce tools, and for a clear idea, here’s how they can help you.

1. A Well Organized Dashboard

Keep in mind that you can process all the orders on a new level, centralized right from a single platform, which is usually user-friendly. When you have all the orders in one place, you will be able to organize, view the order history, and maintain a simple process automatically.

2. Easy Submission of Orders

When you have the appropriate order management tool, you will no longer need scanning, emailing or faxing the list. With the right tool like Order Circle, powered reps can batch and send their orders. You will be able to view them directly in your dashboard as soon as their submission proceeds. To streamline the auto process much further, the orders could then upload to your portal easily. When you have such tools, customers can then access the product list, as well as other items exclusive to wholesale customers.

In addition, you will also be able to curate the lists to show exactly what items are specific to your customers and hide the items from other customers willing to buy from you.

3. Verification of Orders Automatically

Is your entire staff all equipped with calls and emails from reps and agencies confirming you are receiving orders? When your back office prints or uploads an order, the reps will be able to receive an automatic confirmation of the order submission, which will reduce the time that your staff will spend when you answer unnecessary calls and emails.

4. Order Management

Wholesale selling tools also help businesses keep a complete track on their orders, so you will know the exact status of your business.  It helps to show the orders in various stages, whether partially shipped pending, fully shipped, approved, and it gives real-time notification. In addition, it customizes all of the notifications for your customers and you can then receive emails when the creation of orders takes place, creation, approval, shipment proceeds, and payment records.

In addition, these tools also help to provide customizable reports, with complete details of the orders, which help to track the sales reps performance and see which items are actually on high demand by different customers. Appropriate management would also help with greater online exposure online and it will attract others to your well-streamlined business.

5. Secure Credit Card Information

Make sure that the tools also adhere to better and strict standards of the industry, at the same time; it should keep all your credit card information secure. You should keep in mind that receiving the orders over the fax or phone is usually a recipe for disaster. You have to know that all your customers are actually important, so you would not want to risk any identity fraud or theft.

Note that the bottom line is that if you waste your money and time on the messy entry of orders, you should choose a tool that should help to optimize your order management with single software. If you are able to sort out all your orders, you will then be on the top line due to the convenience, security, and ease that it offers.

Choosing the right B2B wholesale selling tool comes with numerous advantages. It is advisable that you consult experts before you decide to invest in one.


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