Needless to say, how much of our life is being dependent on the use of internet, we can assume the ever-increasing workload as well as the competition pressure that every Internet service provider must be dealing with. To stay afloat in the flow of things, each provider is seeking to grasp something special they can offer to their customers and rank higher in their level of satisfaction.

Here is a reflection on the simple five ways in which the services of the internet provider can earn goodwill from their customers that would automatically push them ahead of their competitors. But for all, the basic golden rule would be the same, which is resolving the customer’s issue on the first call itself or at least giving them a positive lead.

Analytics is the First Key to Success

Tokeep the customers happy, the services need innovative ideas to address their issues. To understand and know the issues as well as their frequency of occurrence, the best way is to use the latest predictive analytics that are available around and study their decision models to analyze the common customerbehaviors intently. This would help in determining the right combination of services that can be specially built for each user.

Aggregating, Integrating and Analyzing Customer Data

A satisfied customer is the aim of every business enterprise and internet service providers are no exception. Rather the importance increases as does the competition. But all these wireless providers can do is using their availed data-driven solutions and analyze them to satisfy their needs and demands.

To reduce the churn, many internet service providers have turned towards commercially available predictive analytics solutions which are consistent of Sentiment analysis tools, that ‘aggregate, integrate and analyze customer data that they collect from different sources, apart from the analytics. All this help to determine and which subscribers are most likely to leave.

Tailoring a Custom Service Pack

With the help of the analytics are the first handy tool that would help the providers in reading the slightest of indication that a customer might be thinking of switching off the service. Thus, special attention can be given to that customer to make them believe in your service once again and stay steady with you henceforth.

The use of predictive models has been successful worldwideandare able to boost the customer retention rate effectively by 50 percent. The tools help in tailoring the offers that are based on the account preferences of the customers, as well as boosting upthe sales of a few accessories by a whopping 270 percent.

Predicting the Result

By using predictive models the service providers would now be able to easily correlate all the independent variables that are associated with each customer. After analyzing them in real-time and retrospective data, predicting the results become a breeze and the efforts of modifying their customer-retention plans can be done on the fly.

Real-time Response

A mere analysis of the customer data statistics won’t bring any results unless the providers are ready to respond with swift action like reaching out to the customer physically or through any communication medium, understand and value their grievances, make timely retention offers and address their issues promptly in real time as promised.

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