April 23, 2019
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Nowadays, technology is everywhere, and the advancement we’ve gotten so far is quite impressive. There is cutting-edge technology that top companies from all around the globe have created just for houses. This year, there are all sorts of home automation that have shown up including these six high-tech products that you can place in your home after the Houston first time home buyer assistance you took to purchase it.

Smart Mirrors

No. This is not one of those mirrors which you can ask “who is the fairest of them all.” Instead, it’s a “smart product” which includes three different options:

A scanner from LG which uses artificial intelligence to recommend you fitting and fashionable clothes from formal, casual and work. Some of the suggested products can be selected and have these delivered straight to your house.

Aside from that, it is also a Google-enabled smart mirror which response to a simple touch-screen keyboard or a voice just like how phones and tablets are nowadays. You can also view your schedule, watch videos, check traffic, see the weather, type an email, and even access your Google Drive! These are soon to be available on the market.

There’s also a third smart mirror from Artemis which makes use of AI to recommend you hairstyles and make-up. How awesome is that? These can be displayed over your image so you can have a preview of what may look best for you. More than 50 wellness, beauty and health integrations are to be expected. Sometime later this year, the CareOS mirror is said to hit the market.

Disappearing TV

What’s better than a Smart TV? A disappearing TV! If you don’t like having your TV monopolize all the space in your living area but still want to enjoy a large screen, you’re going to love the disappearing TV. Recently, LG is said to be selling one of these this coming spring.

Peephole Smart Camera

Your front door’s peephole camera is getting an upgrade into becoming a peephole with a smart security camera. It also includes a two-way intercom and a video recording feature which directly connects to your smartphone. It will be available sometime later this year at only $199.

Robot Vacuums

Get a smart robotic floor keeper. Not only are these robot vacuums, but they’re also with AI. There’s the “Deebot Ozmo 960” which makes use of visual interpretation and artificial intelligence to create a vacuum that will clean after you but will not suck the wrong things. The price is still not disclosed but will be available sometime later this year.

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AI-Infused Oven

Want an oven? How about an AI-Infused oven? It’s the type which will decide how the food will be cooked. It identifies all the food and then selects the appropriate temperature to cook the food. Not only that but it also sends out notifications. And on top of it all? It’s a voice activated and has an in-oven camera. Wow!

Smart Light Bulb

Lastly, there’s the smart light bulb from Nanoleaf which allows the panels to be arranged in a combination and create programmable wall art which reacts to music or touch.