A Brief Guide to Guest Blogging and its Role in SEO


Guest blogging is a vital element of search engine optimization. Even the biggest giants in the web world make use of guest blogging to acquire topmost positions on major search engines like Google. The concept of guest blogging is quite easy to understand. The content is written for such a blog, which has better ranking, traffic and more exposure online. Now, the site owner places the link within the content and the content along with the link is posted on the blog. This way, the site link acquires more visitors and hence, the ranking improves with the passage of time.  Not only the site gets more traffic, but also it gets relevant customers, which may not be possible otherwise.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective and result-oriented methods to promote brand and create awareness amongst the targeted audience. As Google keeps updating its algorithms, many people claimed that guest blogging is no longer an option to improve site’s rankings. However, it still is the best way to get the quality links from high quality blogs to increase the traffic on the website.

Essentials of Guest blogging
Before you start, it is important to understand what it takes to make it effective. Below mentioned are the basic elements of a result-oriented guest blogging:

  • High quality blog post
    The search engines love fresh and unique content without any errors. If you are planning guest blogging for your site, you must research well about the relevant topic. It must be relevant to your business, services and products. The content must have complete details about the topic, which you are going to choose. Besides, the content should be free from grammatical and spelling errors. The length of the blog post also makes a great difference. These days, search engines consider long content when it comes to ranking the site. The blog post must be over 500 words and explained well. If you have less time to pen down your thought, you can get in touch with professional guest blogging services. They have a team working with you. They can even research the industry and help you write down compelling content for guest blogging.
  • Relevant blog to post content
    One of the major elements of guest blogging is to post your content onto the relevant blog. For an instance, if your business is to provide health services, the content should be written on health topic and it must be posted to high quality health blog. This is the common mistake, which people make. They do not choose the relevant content and hence, find it hard to get any benefit from guest blogging. Moreover, the blog should have good number of visitors and ranking on search engines. In order to yield better results, the site owner must contact the professionals who can offer them guest blogging services. They will be able to find the suitable blog for their industry and help get the content posted.

Posting on Authority Blogs
A number of high authority blogs are present in the web world, which can boost the site’s rankings in the best possible manner. Some of these blogs include Tech Crunch, Forbes, Mashable, ShoutMeLoud and various. You will have to contact the blog owner and pitch him to allow guest blogging on his blog. Some of these blogs have explicitly mentioned the guidelines on their portals. It is suggested to go through these guidelines and send the content for approval.

With the right approach to guest blogging, the site can get tremendous visitors, which may not be possible with any other marketing technique. If you have a new or existing website, start guest blogging today and enjoy numerous visitors from all parts of the globe.


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