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Google AdWords is a service developed by Google for online advertising to help marketers reach their customers instantly. Look at it this way, when you search for a particular product online, Google gives you a long list of different marketers. Those at the top are often ads. These ads occur in different campaigns, mainly in search networks, display networks, video, shopping, and universal app campaigns.

AdWords has changed the face of online marketing in recent years and is being used by businesses of various sizes to get a significant online presence. These businesses consider AdWords as an integral part of their marketing campaign. This article will cover the top 3 benefits of Google AdWords and why they are good for your business.

Brand awareness

Before Google AdWords, brands used to rely on newspapers, radio, television, billboards, and any other form of media to reach out to their customers. However, this did not reach a broad audience, and Google AdWords has changed and revolutionized how brands do their advertising. With AdWords, brands can reach a wider audience and spread details of their products.

It is faster than SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) and AdWords are both online advertising techniques that allow businesses to generate traffic and leads. Despite the comparison, AdWords are well optimized, thus work much faster than SEO. Several reasons include high rankings, better user control, and more tools. While SEO is supremely beneficial, it is a long-term process that requires consistency and persistence of well-written articles and content, which requires more resources. AdWords gets you the traffic you need instantly and has a better chance of getting you leads quicker than SEO.

Helps tackle competition

When a potential customer searches for products that you sell but you are not running any ads, you risk losing that customer because similar businesses may be running ad campaigns. Google AdWords allows you to keep an eye on your competitors – how they are running ads and their market share, especially if you are in the same niche. With the outrank share report, you can tell which of your competitor outperforms you and how you can beat them to have your ad rank on top in the search engines. A Google AdWords consultant can help you determine what your competitors are up to and advise how to proceed accordingly.

Customize your campaign strategy

Another fringe benefit of using Google AdWords is that it allows you to view the demographics of the people that view your ads. As such, it will enable you to customize your campaigns in search engines to generate more traffic and increase your conversion rates. For instance, if most of your viewersare women aged 18 to 25 years, you can customize your ads in a way that attracts that specific target market.

The benefits of Google AdWords are not limited to those mentioned here. Online marketing is increasingly becoming more versatile and practical, in which case, AdWords is on the front seat in this revolution of internet advertising. If this sounds too complicated for you, there is no harm in contacting a marketing firm like Broadplace to get more insight on how to use AdWords to better your business by attracting more traffic and leads.