Although the air conditioning has gained popularity the ceiling fans have not yet lost their valor in today’s market. Ceiling fans are an invariant fixture in every household. Ceiling fans generally push the air downwards, bringing down the cool breeze, cooling your skin through evaporation. It distributes heat faster and better creating a cozy atmosphere. Ceiling fans along with AC can help in the better distribution of heat, and hence cuts down on the power supply.

Ceiling fans can cool as well as warm up your rooms as during the winter months the direction of moving of the blades can be reversed. And with the change in rotation the fans will automatically pull up air upwards, instead of pushing them downwards. Warm air is lighter and it tends to go upwards, hence during winter ceiling fans eases up this process by cooling them as they move up. It then forces this warm air to circulate downwards and helps in the even dissipation throughout the room. Buy designer ceiling fans online, and get to select from a wide range of new designs.

Ceiling fans can definitely reduce energy costs. Apart from lowering the temperature of the room, by circulating cooler air evenly although, the temperature of a room can drop to up to 8degrees. You can then keep your thermostat at a slightly higher level and save up to 50% on your electrical consumption. Buy ceiling fans online India, labelled with energy stars, as more number of stars will help you save more energy. Not all of us know but ceiling fans utilize only a bit more energy than 100 watt light bulb. The aim is basically to shift more amount of air, spending less energy and time. That is to say less revolutions in a minute. Dissipated air is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Size matters greatly when it comes to cooling benefits. A bigger fan will draw in much more cooler air. Hence the size of the fan definitely matters over the number of blades. So you have to choose right size to fit best in your space. Ceiling fans are also cool when it comes to their price ranges. But if you want some highly popular designer colors or polycarbonate blades, or even some special metal or wood finish it can raise the price a bit. Ceiling fan is environment friendly in the sense that it lessens the carbon footprint of the house keeper. It serves as an efficient natural cooling agent by a smart and effective circulation of air.

It cuts down the stuffiness of the rooms and also fastens the process of evaporation of skin perspiration. It can serve as a complement for the air conditioning unit, by keeping up a backup in case of a probable breakdown of the air conditioning. These have a very easy installation procedure. Maintenance responsibilities are also less in comparison to air conditioners, because it only needs dusting at regular intervals and can be done by a single person. Some fans can serve dual purpose of illumination and cooling.

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