Best Applications to download videos from YouTube.


Almost near about 5 billion videos are watched per day at YouTube. YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day. At an average rate of 70% of the traffic is derived from the mobile phones. And 8 of 10 visitors even like the video and wished that they can download it or could watch it offline. yes, YouTube has an option where you can download and watch it offline but not with each and every video you liked on YouTube. So we have curate a list of 5 best applications from where you can download your favourite videos . For best experience download all applications from

  1. Tubemate

Tubemate is one of the best known 3rd party applications for downloading videos from YouTube. it gives you excess to download your desired media into your desired folder in your device’s storage. The application is in an apk format which doesn’t occupy the much larger room in the device so that you can download as much media as you want. On Tubemate, you can download your media in different formats and quality, From HD resolutions to much lower resolutions and even in mp3 to mp4 formats. More features are as follows


-Media available in different formats and resolutions.

-In APK format, lesser space in the device.

-Downloaded media in the desired folder.

-Allows pausing and resuming of downloading media

-Supports background downloading.

-Had a default media player.

-user-friendly interface

-No memberships

-Speediest downloading

-Unlimited downloads

With 4.2-star rating Tubemate is one the best and useful applications to make it through the list. Currently, this application is not available on play store but you can download it from

  1. Youtube downloader

YouTube Downloader is an application which offers you much more of only downloading the video. With YouTube downloader, you are getting excess to much easier and hassle-free experience of downloading media. Not it downloads media; it allows you to download your desired media in different formats. The downloaded media goes into your desired folder in your device. With user-friendly interface it has 2 more amazing features which will excel your downloading experience. first. You can search the media in the downloader itself, Secondly; you can take help of the official default app to download media by using the options of share to the downloader. For the first time use it will ask you to install a plug-in, let is install it is harmless. This application is known for best media downloading experience so far.


-Test your video before downloading

– The built-in default media player

-Downloading in different formats

-Allows downloading audio formats

-Allows downloading the media using YouTube Default official App.

3.Easy tube

Easy tube is the easiest way to download your desired media in just few minutes. Easy tube comes with an interface which is so easier to navigate. When you open the app, you will able to see the top YouTube categories and an easier interface to browse through your favourite video in just tweak of seconds. Once you have found your video to download just tap on the download tab and select your desired media format and your media is downloaded in the lesser amount of time. With a built-in default media player for playing and testing your, media Easy tube is one of the easiest ways to download.


-Very Simple interface

-Built-in media player

-Test before downloading

-2 step downloading

-Supports audio and video formats

-Free and with no restrictions on the amount of downloading.

  1. Tube Video Downloader

Tube video downloader is an easy way to navigate through your downloading. You can browse through your media and select your desired media in formats and resolutions suitable for you. Your downloaded media is directly downloaded from the YouTube’s official applications which are easier and safer to navigate. With few taps, you can download your media in no time. It also ensures the speediest connection and high-speed downloading without comprising on the reliability. Video downloading on tube video downloader is as simple ordering food from a menu. The application automatically detects what you are listening or viewing too and prompts with the option to download that media on the YouTube application itself.


-An easy way to navigate through the application

-Download through YouTube application itself

-Speediest connection and high speed downloading

-YouTube detects what you are listening to.

-Selection between different video formats and resolutions.

  1. Vidmate

Vidmate is an application where you can download videos in various formats and resolutions in no time ever. Not only it allows you to download your media from YouTube but it gives the variety of media platforms to choose from. With Vidmate not only you can download media in the favourable platform but you get to choose where you want to keep your downloaded media and it goes straight to that chosen one.  Not only it allows you to download videos but also offers its users to stream their favourite serials and matches which they have missed in grounds of LIVE TV STREAMING. It proves to have a well-organized interface. From options to choose your quality and formats of videos to various popular stuff happening around your, everything is in front of your eyes. No hustling around screens in order to search your desired option.


-In APK format

-Selection between various media platforms

-Default built-in  media player

-Live TV Streaming

-High Speed downloading

-Selection between various formats and resolutions

-Excess of uploading your own media on social media platforms.

-Watch later options

-Secured media with pass codes

– Downloading files even with URLS

-Well clustered interface

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