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Ways to Protect your Personal Data


The renowned credit reporting agency Equifax was recently dealt a major blow when there was a data breach in their servers. As a consequence, hackers gained access to sensitive personal data of more than 143 million individuals.

The information which such agencies can be sufficient enough to destroy credit reports, collect refunds, hijack medical data and file fake tax returns.

This breach should serve as a reminder to us that nobody who is digitally connected can remain safe from breaches of these kind until they observe certain precautions. Here are simple ways in which a person can protect his or her personal information:

Make it Difficult for others to Get Credit

A major reason why identity thefts take place is to fraudulently take out credit cards or loans in the victim’s name and not repay them. When an identity theft is carried out for this purpose it is possible that you may not find out about it until you go through the effort of checking your credit score. It may be already too late by the time you realise that your credit rating has been ruined. There are three ways to safeguard yourself against crimes of this nature:

  • When a fraud alert is active a lender is required to verify their identity before the credit can be availed. These alerts are usually free of charge but they need to be renewed every 90 days.
  • You can place a credit freeze which will prohibit any third party from gaining access to your credit report. With the credit report unavailable a thief will not be able to obtain a credit card or loan in your name.
  • Placing a credit lock helps you to achieve similar results as against a credit freeze. The difference is that you can lift off a credit lock electronically which is not possible with a credit freeze.

Password Protect your Devices

Any device which stores personal information such as laptops, tablets or cell phones must be password protected. These gadgets can be easily stolen and if there is no password protection a thief can gain instant access to your personal data.

Set a Strong Password

Most of us set a very simple password so that we have little difficulty remembering them. However, setting such easy-to-remember passwords is like handing out an invitation to hackers to take control over your account. Figuring out the password of one account can make it easier for them to access other accounts. Long and random passwords are generally considered to be strong passwords.

Set up Verification on important accounts

Important email and financial accounts must be protected with two step verification process. Banks usually adopt this type of security and notify their customers when their account is accessed from a different location or device. You must check your account settings to ensure that this feature is activated on each account that you own.

Avoid Open Wi-Fi for important activities

By using public networks for carrying out financial transactions you are putting your identity and other crucial information at a risk of being stolen. It is difficult to say with certainty how secure such devices and connections really are. Therefore one must always use their own network and device to ensure data security.

Don’t Ignore Software Updates

Software updates generally include improvements of security mechanism. You must always install the new updates that are available for your operating system, antivirus software and other software that you use. Cyber threats constantly evolve and installing these updates help you to ensure greater security of your devices.

Don’t give away Personal Information

These days it is common to receive emails, calls or texts from people who impersonate the government, charity, retailers or relatives in an effort to extract personal information. No matter how real it seems you must consider the possibility that it is a phishing scam and therefore not give away your personal information. If you believe for some good reason that the request is legitimate you must look up for the institute’s contact information on the internet and verify the request.

Refrain from Clicking links or opening email attachments

Hackers usually employ these methods to gain access into your system. Once they have gained an entry they may steal personal information without you even noticing it.

Besides your personal data, you must also take sufficient precautions to ensure that your assets are safe by writing a Will using a Will template. Taking these measures should protect you from theft or fraud of any kind.

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Global Data Protection


With the advent of best innovative backup and recovery solutions, the ransomware attacks have been stopped.The users looking for protection of data, safe data, authentic, secured, private and accessible data will be relaxed and released with the invention of best security solutions for backups and recovery solutions. Like Backup office 365 the cyber protection is designed to new level beyond traditional protections, which are easy and efficient to use and are secured to home and home office users. Free anti-ransomware solutions are available that stops the attack and saves the data.

An artificial based intelligence system is the best option available globally for finding the solutions.The IT department and online marketing advisors designed the websites and saves the backups with best options. The cutting edge technology and technological innovations quickly gives the solutions and backups. There are many excellent service providers like Backup office 365 who are global leader in cyber protection and hybrid cloud storage.For the awareness of data threats and habits of data protection among everyday people, online surveys are conducted and thus annual global data protection survey conducted gives the clear picture and people from all over the world or polled members of general internet population revealed the disconcerting trends.

By ongoing publicity of ransomware and other online threats, the majority of public are completely unaware of the risks and the dangers pose to their data. When customers are aware of threats, people are concerned to look forward for taking steps to protect customer data from online criminals.People will take steps in advance for precautionary measures to keep the data safe and secured.Generally, people don’t need to spend a lot of money on recovery of data and data loss.The ransomware attacksleads to the interruption of business operations. Most of the businesses are still relying on old, undependable backup and these outdated methods of data protection leads to risks of data loss.Thus new innovative solutions like Backup office 365 help to secure data loss and recovery.

With the help of data protection services, there are chances of lowering the risk of data loss and information’s can be secured. The advanced security technology like backup generators, biometric access control and 24/7 online monitoring gives best remedy of data protection and security. The traditional backups like tapes or cd’s may fail thus modernized innovative technology must be used as Backup office 365.

  • Data Protection Services
  • The data protection services includes hassle free local backup for the fastest recovery of files.
  • Fast and full restoration of files.
  • Automatic backup of all essential data.
  • IT team members does 24/7 monitoring for securing the data and keep it safe.
  • Innovative technology leads to rapid recovery and picks up only those data which have been suspected to changes.
  • In case of fire, theft or any natural disaster there are 24 hour recovery of entire data.
  • Daily backup is the key to data protection.
  • Extremely high security with human friendly keys.
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Good Data – Bad Data, Data Quality Matters!


Do you want to make Data Science an important part of your advanced data quality program? Well, data and its quality in particular is one of the most pivotal parts of business productivity. Bad data has a huge impact on making decisions, poor data connectivity and can have a high cost to fix resulting issues.

It is extremely essential to understand the importance of implementing advanced practices of data quality, which utilize the metrics of data quality, in order to identify areas that require serious improvement. it also ensures quality data integrity, especially in large environments, where small wins are also capable of adding up to large savings.

In order to offer the most effective scenario to our clients, we make use of the following key elements:

  • Identifying the Key Problem
  • Pinpoint the Effects Associated with the Problem
  • Building a Model for Data Reprocessing
  • Data Reintegration
  • Updating All the Reports

To give a clear illustration of this point, here is an example: one of our customers needed to continuously download and evaluate large quantities of data. The data was created and accumulated through different customer activities from a wide range of broad spectrum services from on-site equipment, which was offered by the company to their customers.

As a result of the quantity and complexity of the data processed on a daily basis, processing of data resulted in missed service level agreements (SLAs), which in turn resulted in their inability to support and fully understand their clients’ needs. It was extremely critical for the customer to build effective and efficient data management and a consistent reporting solution for all the various sources of data.

This, therefore, gave us an opportunity to extensively address the aspects of various individual items. For example, data modelling that includes the following:

– The prediction of database capacity

Predictive analysis mostly utilizes the historical data and statistical techniques to facilitate predictions regarding future capacity. The most common methods utilized by predictive modeling are known as linear regression. Regrettably, the application of regression has proved to be a challenging task because of the associated behavior changes; i.e., System administrators are likely led to change of retention policies or simply delete data. This may, therefore, result in poor predictions. Significantly, the most accurate models were secured through the finding of an optimal subset of clean data for every database and applying the linear regression to a subsection of the data.

-The automated Anomaly Detection

Since huge data requires the most effective anomaly detection, proposed enhancements were affected that facilitate real-time identification of the anomaly. By use of R and PostgreSQL, we have designed an alarm system, in order to closely monitor jobs from the schedule, that allow the users to be able to react decisively to various issues. The alarm system makes use of the storage, Shell and Model script, in order to perform various checks and later raise an alarm when an anomaly is detected. Basically, these alarms are meant to monitor the lower and upper thresholds for the kick-start and duration of modules in every weekday.

-Uniform Dashboards

Through the use of Tableau to facilitate the reporting, we have been able to build uniform dashboards for all the systems, which make it easier to understand the correlations between various metrics. The following could be discovered from the report:

  • KPLs Metrics getting into unacceptable ranges
  • Unexpected changes and trends
  • Variance on the data metrics
  • A data sliced by the host, geographical tags, cluster etc.

With our implemented quality program, our clients can successfully save substantial costs during the processing time. There are factors like complexity of the environment, data volume, and the general amount of effort required in the processing of the data that are vital for the processing time. So, data quality, besides being vital for reporting and process efficiency, can be an incentive for impressive cost optimization.

Author: CoreValue Services is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Cloud based implementation services, Data Science and Machine Learning powered solutions, and Web & Mobile application design and development services to industries such as Finance, Pharmatech, and Healthcare. Among our Clients are investors, funded startups, mid-sized enterprises and Fortune 50 through 500 companies.

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5 Ways to Manage Retail Data


Unlike in the past when big data was a preserve of the fortune 500 companies, today’s business landscape demands of every business model- big or small- to pay great attention to its customers’ and products’ data. This data is scattered and hard to access, necessitating strong data management strategies, particularly for the modern retail businesses. This, according to the 2012 KPMG report, is the surest way of understanding and satisfying the modern customer. Here are some of the strategies that you can use to manage your retail data.

1. Using the POS Software in the Cloud

If you operate an online retail store in tandem with an offline store, you need a management tool that can synchronize data from the two stores and accurately record vital information that will then help you to better understand your clientele. Cloud POS software is one such tool. It integrates your customers’ data, product specifications & prices, pending & delivered orders, and stock records into one easy app to use. Besides enabling you to browse through all that data from your smart mobile devices, cloud POS software enables you to track your store’s day-to-day sales by recording every customer’s credit card swipe. That’s without mentioning the many benefits that your retail store gets from having a cloud database.

2. Using the Social Media Analytics.

You can gather a lot of valuable data in regards to customer satisfaction and behavior from the social media by using the many social data analytic tools that technology has placed at your disposal. The tools track the number of your social media followers visiting your website, the products they are interested in, and whether or not they consider visiting your physical store. After getting a finalized data analysis from these tools, you can then use it to improve your services or redesign your marketing strategies.

3. Using the Inventory Cards System.

If you are operating on a shoestring budget, investing in a good data management software would not be financially viable. You can opt for the cheaper alternative of using the inventory cards system- the already printed inventory cards which you can purchase from your local office supply store. These cards come with well-labeled spaces where you fill a product’s price, available stock, inventory code, and supplier details among other data entries which help you to track a product from the day it entered your store till the day it leaves. The inventory code can be as simple as numeric or alphabet characters which you assign a product the day it arrives. After every sale, you update your inventory cards by indicating that a given inventory code has left your inventory. This process could be tedious but it’s a good place to start.

4. Outsourcing Professional Data Management Services.

This is where you hire a data management company to collect and analyze data on your behalf. Because you will not have to invest in expensive data management technology, neither will you have to waste your valuable time worrying about data management, this is another cost-effective way of managing your retail data. You will pay a small fee for the service but it’s totally worth it in the long run.

5. Developing a Tiered System of Storage.

All data is important, yes, but all data isn’t equal in terms of relevance, confidentiality, and significance. A tiered system of storage is a system in which- guided by the three aforementioned factors- you organize your data in tiers. The most relevant data, e.g. your store’s sales data, can go to one tier which is stored separately from another tier, say the billing data.

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The Benefits Of A Cloud Database


While their reasons are different, businesses all over the world are turning to the cloud. Why is this the case? This article will explore the benefits of a cloud database.


There are many industries out there with strict compliance rules. For instance, accounting is one of those industries. Accounting firms must follow the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX). This law regulates financial disclosures from accounting firms. A cloud database makes industry compliance across all industries (not just accounting) much easier.

Cost Savings

Switching to a cloud database can save your business a lot of money. The cloud allows you to only pay for what you need. The majority of cloud computing services are pay as you go. Do you remember old cable television services? You couldn’t order a la carte. Every package came bundled with ESPN and the Disney Channel, and those costs were reflected in your bill. Cloud computing is the opposite of that. You select only what you need, and you don’t have to pay for anything else.

Mobile Device Compatibility

The average employee uses 2.3 devices to do their job. Amazingly, 14% of employees use 6 or more devices to complete company tasks. Six is a bit beyond the pale. Yet, it’s true that the modern employee may use a tablet or smartphone to do work-related assignments. A cloud database allows employees to access company data on various devices. This is a huge boon for productivity.

Improved Research

Have you heard of the idiom “knowledge is power?” Some marketers have updated that age-old idiom into the phrase “data is money.” It means there’s a treasure trove of valuable information about your customers just waiting to be unearthed, and you can use this information to increase your sales. Here’s a practical example. Some of your customers may be adding items to their cart and not buying them. These customers may be more price sensitive than others. You can target these customers with limited-time discounts or free shipping on orders.


Time is so incredibly valuable in this world. Most people don’t change their own oil, even though there are instructional videos on YouTube. That’s because they would rather spend their time doing something else. The same concept applies to a cloud database. Monitoring a cloud database makes the time investment for an oil change look paltry. That’s why companies often outsource to professionals with knowledge and know-how. Professionals can handle things like the MongoDB serverless platform, Linux, or even automatic Windows 10 software updates.

Disaster Recovery

Many businesses don’t recover from catastrophic data loss. As a matter of fact, 58% of small businesses are not even prepared for data loss. A cloud database and good data recovery software protects your valuable data and shields your business from an emergency such as theft or a natural disaster.

Database Consolidation- Many companies find that moving to the cloud allows them to combine and consolidate their databases. Companies have so much data. A cloud database helps you trim down, allowing you to keep only what you need.

Final Thoughts

Many companies aren’t sure if they should take the plunge on a cloud database. You definitely should. Hopefully, this article clearly showed you the advantages of a cloud database for your business.

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Professional Software to Recover Permanently Deleted Data From Hard Drive


Taking the backup of a hard drive is very important as it can be a useful step to retrieve the data in case of accidental deletion, data corruption, formatted hard drive etc. The main problem due to which the data becomes inaccessible is nobody cares to keep the backup of their data. Fortunately, the deleted data can still be recovered using the professional data recovery tools. Whether it be normal deleted or shift deleted data files, they can still be retrieved using a software to recover permanently deleted data files from hard disk drive.

Reasons for Permanently Data Loss from Hard Drive

There is the number of reasons in Hard Disk Drive which can result in the error and make files inaccessible. Some of them are listed here:

  • Deleted data by pressing shift + deleted key
  • Data from hard drive temporarily deleted
  • Corrupted GPT and MBR hard disk partition
  • Formatting hard disk also results in Data loss
  • Hard disk gets corrupted by the virus and all data become inaccessible

Professional Software To Recover Permanently Deleted Data

The reasons of data loss stated above seem to be devastating. But don’t despair for data loss as the solution to lost data recovery problem is quite easy and straightforward. You can easily retrieve deleted, formatted and corrupted data from hard drive by using an automated and straightforward SysTools Hard Drive Data Recovery Software. It offers amazing and useful features to the end user which make it distinct among all other available tools in the market. Try the free demo version of this professional software and recover permanently deleted data from hard disk drive easily.

Features of This Professional Software to Recover Lost Data

The features of this professional utility which makes it different from other software available in the online market. You need to perform some simple steps to install this tool and retrieve shift + deleted, formatted, lost, and corrupted data files. The explained features are listed below:

  • Complete Data Recovery from Hard Drive

All the documents and multimedia files like images, audios, videos, data files, etc., can be recovered easily with the help of recovery tool. No change in data has been observed after using this professional software to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive. The original formatting is preserved and meta property is maintained.

  • Recover Lost Data From FAT and NTFS Partition

This professional software equips you to recover lost data from FAT and NTFS partitions easiy. All versions of FAT and NTFS file type are supported by this professional software, such as FAT 16, FAT 32, v1.0 (Windows NT 3.1), v1.1 (NT 3.5), v1.2 (3.51), v3.0 (2000), and v3.1 (XP). It is the best software to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive.

  • Retrieve Permanently Deleted data from Hard Drive

If the data deleted from recycle bin or shift + delete data (permanently deleted data) seems to be lost forever. But, you can use this professional software to recover permanently deleted data from hard drive. If you accidentally deleted your important data and want to retrieve then try this professional software and recover permanently lost data from hard drive easily.

  • Recover Data from Formatted Hard Drive Partition

Restores and recover data from formatted or reformatted hard drive partitions by using this professional software. No file size limitation is imposed by this professional software while recovering formatted data. It will easily detect all partitions of the hard drive and list in software panel. Simply select a partition from which you lost your data and go with Formatted Scan.

  • Software Detects Attached Hard Drives Automatically

The software is designed in such a way that it automatically detects all attached hard drives. The user can previewed complete data from any partition by scanning on the software screen. Also, this professional software will list properties of hard drive like model number, disk number, total size and free space etc. Here you need to select a drive and after that this professional software will start the recovery process.

Steps to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

perform simple steps and recover corrupted, formatted and permanently deleted data from hard drive easily. Steps are listed below:

  1. Download and Install the software on your system professional software
  2. Select and Scan the drive from which you lost your data. (For formatted data recovery hit on Formatted Scan)recover permanently deleted data
  3. Preview entire recovered data into software preview panelprofessional software to recover lost data
  4. Select and Save required data by Browsing location to save resultant filebest software to recover deleted data

Advantages of Using this Software to Recover Permanently Deleted Data from HDD

Although I have explained the major features of The software above. Let’s discuss some advantage of using this professional software to recover permanently deleted, formatted and corrupted data files from the external and hard drive:

  • The Software scans the selected partition and provides a preview of all recovered data. Due to which it becomes quite easy to know that which file is to be recovered.
  • The retrieved permanently deleted data are highlighted by red color in resultant file.
  • Extract required files by selecting or deselecting the corresponding check-box.

Disadvantages of Using this Software to Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

It is hard to believe that there are no drawbacks offered by this professional software to recover lost data from hard drive. It is the best software to recover permanently deleted data from internal and external hard drive. But, I think that the point where this tool lacked is:

  • The software is not compatible with Mac OS Installed systems.

The Final Words

If your data accidentally deleted from the hard drive and you want to get back your deleted data. Then you can use the professional software to recover permanently deleted files from hard drive discussed above. The graphical interface of the software is very simple. Also, you can analyze the working of this software by availing free demo version first.

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Why It Is Important to Backup Microsoft Office?


Data loss can cost you more than what you think. We can say number of reasons for data loss, which are human error, flood, hacking, hard drive crash, partition loss and more. It is really important for the business to keep the data secured. At times, we cannot avoid losing the data. When the data loss happens in your computer, you can do restore the data by using any data recovery software. The point is that, you need to protect your data. Protection means, you can use any backup method to keep your data safe and secured.

If you have a backup method to backup your data, you can be relaxed as you are having a set of backup files and you do not need to worry about losing your files. Backup Microsoft office is something that you should do for backing up your very important data and files.  Of course, not all the files remain crucial to you. There are some files that will worth backing it up. It is more than enough to backup that kind of data. If a file is important to you, then you better have three to four copies of the files. If you loss a letter or template files, then you can of course recreate them, but you need to spend a lot of time and money.

Rather than spending so much effort and time in recreating the lost documents, it is hassle free to backup the data – right? I know that, your answer would be yes. This is the reason why you are asked to use the backup Microsoft office to backup your priceless data. The point is that, you need to follow the steps accurately to backup the data. First of all, you need to launch the backup method, which you have chosen for backing up the data. Once you have done launching the backup method, you could find the options to choose the backup files.

All you ought to do is to choose the files, data and other things that you want to backup. Then, you need to choose the destination where you want to store your backup data. Even if you store the backup data in your computer, you should have one or two extra backups in other devices, so that, you do not have to bother when you tend to lose the data that is stored in your computer. Once the destination is chosen, you can precede further to store the data.

Now, you have a backup of three to four copies, so you can carry on doing your routine works with no hassles and tensions. If you lost the data for any such reasons, remember that, you have a data backup. The Microsoft office backup will be very useful to the businesses and individuals. Having a data backup will help you do your routine tasks with no fear of losing the data that remains important to you. This is why you are asked to choose the Microsoft office backup method for backing up your data.

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Tips for social media and database connection for businesses


Social media websites will be here for many years and they cannot easily be replaced because they serve many purposes. Social media is considered to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available today. Businesses all over the globe are moving to social media, from mainstream media. There is a significant connection between databases and social media today. Read on to get more information that can help your business to grow by leaps and bounds.

Know who you talk to

Twitter analytics tools and Facebook analytics can help businesses to get behavioral data and demographic data. With this information, you are assured of getting critical information when your company database is connected to all social media platforms. You will get to know subscribers, members, board members, and donors that follow your business and connect with them directly. When you have this information in your database, you can easily make better and more actionable interactions.

Generates large amounts of information

Most businesses sit on a great wealth of knowledge regarding their practices. Social media platforms can help companies generate large amounts of useful information. These platforms usually send lots of information into the databases. From the information that you gather through these channels, you will understand better the crucial dynamics such as customer loyalty and you will see the potential profits that your business can make. To achieve this, you will need proficiency in data analysis and management.

Identify and reward loyalists

With social media information directed to your databases, you can easily identify customers and influencers who are loyal to your organizations. Gathering information manually from social media platforms can be quite a challenge and will take lots of efforts. This is why you need to customize communication to get information that is meaningful to your organization. With the best DBA services by, you will achieve this. A good system can help you cultivate loyalty among your loyal clients and it will eventually pay off because you will be making a lifetime investment for your business.

Market trends

Connecting your database to social media will help you get information on market trends with ease. You will be able to know your competitors and what they offer that is unique. In addition, your business will be able to succeed because you will form targets and make key decisions that are more informed. This is because you will have market information that is coming directly from your customers.

Direct your marketing campaigns

Connecting social media to your company database is a powerful marketing tool as you will get instant feedback and targeted market response. With the right information, you will be able to direct your campaigns to target customers and this can guarantee success. Furthermore, tracking your return on investment becomes much easier with direct marketing when compared to email, mail or telemarketing.

Social media was intended to connect people. Therefore, by connecting social media platforms with your databases, you will be connecting your business directly to your clients. You can easily communicate with your customers through social media and avoid the hassle of sending endless emails. Any company that is yet to consider social media is losing out on getting crucial information for their database that may help in decision making.

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