Editors' Take

Editors' Take

How to deal with Maths like toppers


I am not good at mathematics’ or ‘how to solve trigonometry questions?’ Such are the questions raised in the mind of students with the ‘maths fear’ giving them nightmares of failing the subject.

If Students could not prepare well for mathematics then they start doubting their chances of success in the paper.

The common problem faced by students is, solving the difficult questions and doing quick calculations which can only be possible with regular practice.

Moreover, if a student is already getting bad grades in maths then their fear of failing the subject comes to its peak.

Every student who has to appear for mathematics exam gathers the courage to face the tough questions. The common problems faced by the students for mathematics are discussed here –

Common problems of students for mathematics paper

  • They go blank and confused on seeing mathematics question paper
  • They make minor mistakes while solving the questions

Difference between weak and brilliant students

A student who is brilliant in mathematics gets to know about the type of questions and prepares a strategy accordingly by just solving one or two questions from a chapter. And students who are weak in mathematics get confused and, soon give up solving the questions halfway through.

Weak students need to refer the basic concept for each and every question. However, students, who are quick in mathematics, pick the questions quickly after understanding the concept at once only.

How to deal with Maths like toppers

  • Do more practice– Mathematics is the only subject where learning theory is not so important as solving the verity of numerical. So, the students who are weak in mathematics need to solve as many questions as possible to increase their speed and accuracy in mathematics.
  • Use mental calculations – The students should use mental calculations or aptitude to solve basic parts of the questions. It is commonly observed that students get stuck with complex calculations but with the mental calculations of even simple arithmetic, they will be able to save their extra time and efforts.
    Topper students accept this fact that for mathematics subject they do mental calculations to play with numbers and get quick and accurate.
  • Divide the concepts – Students who are weak in mathematics should take small steps or the exam tips to master of math. For this, they need to divide the questions from a concept into three parts
    • Easy –questions directly based on the theorems and formulae.
    • Moderate – The questions based on 2 or more concepts.
    • Tough questions – The lengthy and time taking questions which need to be solved with different strategies; for example questions in probability chapters.

Don’t adopt new tricks for solving questions

Students need to understand that maths is the only subject where changing methods and techniques of learning to solve the questions are rare.

We have been adapting to the methods which the math experts have taught us over the decades. However, there are interesting and fun tricks to learn mathematics such as Vedic mathematics, but if students who are not well aware of it then they should not try it during their exams.

Such methods of learning maths should be practice when students have enough time to spare and they want to learn something new and interesting.

Final Words

Students, who fear mathematics but have to appear for the subject in examinations, need not worry rather they should develop a plan and strategy to overcome this challenge.
Mathematics is a subject where students can get marks easily if they implement correct formula and method. Use these Exam tips mentioned above to do away your maths fear and get good marks on the subject.

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Good Data – Bad Data, Data Quality Matters!


Do you want to make Data Science an important part of your advanced data quality program? Well, data and its quality in particular is one of the most pivotal parts of business productivity. Bad data has a huge impact on making decisions, poor data connectivity and can have a high cost to fix resulting issues.

It is extremely essential to understand the importance of implementing advanced practices of data quality, which utilize the metrics of data quality, in order to identify areas that require serious improvement. it also ensures quality data integrity, especially in large environments, where small wins are also capable of adding up to large savings.

In order to offer the most effective scenario to our clients, we make use of the following key elements:

  • Identifying the Key Problem
  • Pinpoint the Effects Associated with the Problem
  • Building a Model for Data Reprocessing
  • Data Reintegration
  • Updating All the Reports

To give a clear illustration of this point, here is an example: one of our customers needed to continuously download and evaluate large quantities of data. The data was created and accumulated through different customer activities from a wide range of broad spectrum services from on-site equipment, which was offered by the company to their customers.

As a result of the quantity and complexity of the data processed on a daily basis, processing of data resulted in missed service level agreements (SLAs), which in turn resulted in their inability to support and fully understand their clients’ needs. It was extremely critical for the customer to build effective and efficient data management and a consistent reporting solution for all the various sources of data.

This, therefore, gave us an opportunity to extensively address the aspects of various individual items. For example, data modelling that includes the following:

– The prediction of database capacity

Predictive analysis mostly utilizes the historical data and statistical techniques to facilitate predictions regarding future capacity. The most common methods utilized by predictive modeling are known as linear regression. Regrettably, the application of regression has proved to be a challenging task because of the associated behavior changes; i.e., System administrators are likely led to change of retention policies or simply delete data. This may, therefore, result in poor predictions. Significantly, the most accurate models were secured through the finding of an optimal subset of clean data for every database and applying the linear regression to a subsection of the data.

-The automated Anomaly Detection

Since huge data requires the most effective anomaly detection, proposed enhancements were affected that facilitate real-time identification of the anomaly. By use of R and PostgreSQL, we have designed an alarm system, in order to closely monitor jobs from the schedule, that allow the users to be able to react decisively to various issues. The alarm system makes use of the storage, Shell and Model script, in order to perform various checks and later raise an alarm when an anomaly is detected. Basically, these alarms are meant to monitor the lower and upper thresholds for the kick-start and duration of modules in every weekday.

-Uniform Dashboards

Through the use of Tableau to facilitate the reporting, we have been able to build uniform dashboards for all the systems, which make it easier to understand the correlations between various metrics. The following could be discovered from the report:

  • KPLs Metrics getting into unacceptable ranges
  • Unexpected changes and trends
  • Variance on the data metrics
  • A data sliced by the host, geographical tags, cluster etc.

With our implemented quality program, our clients can successfully save substantial costs during the processing time. There are factors like complexity of the environment, data volume, and the general amount of effort required in the processing of the data that are vital for the processing time. So, data quality, besides being vital for reporting and process efficiency, can be an incentive for impressive cost optimization.

Author: CoreValue Services is a Global Software and Technology Services company, providing Cloud based implementation services, Data Science and Machine Learning powered solutions, and Web & Mobile application design and development services to industries such as Finance, Pharmatech, and Healthcare. Among our Clients are investors, funded startups, mid-sized enterprises and Fortune 50 through 500 companies.

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Benefits of installation of a ceiling fan


Although the air conditioning has gained popularity the ceiling fans have not yet lost their valor in today’s market. Ceiling fans are an invariant fixture in every household. Ceiling fans generally push the air downwards, bringing down the cool breeze, cooling your skin through evaporation. It distributes heat faster and better creating a cozy atmosphere. Ceiling fans along with AC can help in the better distribution of heat, and hence cuts down on the power supply.

Ceiling fans can cool as well as warm up your rooms as during the winter months the direction of moving of the blades can be reversed. And with the change in rotation the fans will automatically pull up air upwards, instead of pushing them downwards. Warm air is lighter and it tends to go upwards, hence during winter ceiling fans eases up this process by cooling them as they move up. It then forces this warm air to circulate downwards and helps in the even dissipation throughout the room. Buy designer ceiling fans online, and get to select from a wide range of new designs.

Ceiling fans can definitely reduce energy costs. Apart from lowering the temperature of the room, by circulating cooler air evenly although, the temperature of a room can drop to up to 8degrees. You can then keep your thermostat at a slightly higher level and save up to 50% on your electrical consumption. Buy ceiling fans online India, labelled with energy stars, as more number of stars will help you save more energy. Not all of us know but ceiling fans utilize only a bit more energy than 100 watt light bulb. The aim is basically to shift more amount of air, spending less energy and time. That is to say less revolutions in a minute. Dissipated air is measured in cubic feet per minute.

Size matters greatly when it comes to cooling benefits. A bigger fan will draw in much more cooler air. Hence the size of the fan definitely matters over the number of blades. So you have to choose right size to fit best in your space. Ceiling fans are also cool when it comes to their price ranges. But if you want some highly popular designer colors or polycarbonate blades, or even some special metal or wood finish it can raise the price a bit. Ceiling fan is environment friendly in the sense that it lessens the carbon footprint of the house keeper. It serves as an efficient natural cooling agent by a smart and effective circulation of air.

It cuts down the stuffiness of the rooms and also fastens the process of evaporation of skin perspiration. It can serve as a complement for the air conditioning unit, by keeping up a backup in case of a probable breakdown of the air conditioning. These have a very easy installation procedure. Maintenance responsibilities are also less in comparison to air conditioners, because it only needs dusting at regular intervals and can be done by a single person. Some fans can serve dual purpose of illumination and cooling.

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How a small business can be successful?


Business success is the goal of any company. Whether it’s a self-employed person, a small company or a very large multinational, the goal is common: to achieve a solvent business that grows day by day, expanding its annual turnover, expanding the workforce and, ultimately, earning more money.

But, how is it achieved? What makes a company with losses different, which has to close its doors because it does not obtain benefits from a successful company? How is business success achieved? Here we give you some tips to achieve the success of your company:

  1. Passion for your Company and For Yourself:

The passion to do what you like is your best incentive. If you started a business project it was because you believed in your idea and bet on it. Always remember why you decided to create your own company and do not let the circumstances or obstacles that may arise take away the desire to achieve success.

  1. Work & Fun, the Cocktail of Success:

Work, work and more work … when you are looking for success for your company there is no other option but to work but do not forget to enjoy what you do. Do not become a workaholic but a lover of your work.

  1. Success:

Does your company have a well-studied strategy? What do you want to achieve? What are your objectives? It is vitally important that you have a clear focus to achieve success in what you want. If you have workers in your company, they should know this plan so that everyone works together with the same purpose. This will grow your company as done by vtapayroll.

  1. Open Mind:

Nobody is born with everything learned; to be good at something you have to practice and practice. You should also be open to suggestions that can improve your business and achieve success. For successful businessthe lack of cash flow has a high probability of annihilating a new business. It is then necessary to keep expenses low and generate that flow of money immediately. It is true that there are costs that must be covered, but it is easier to expand than to decrease.Some ways to achieve your desired dream with low expenses are:

  • If you run a service delivery business, you can request an advance as deposit and the rest to pay at the end of the service.
  • Paying your suppliers in advance can give you an advantage to negotiate better prices.
  • If you run a retail business, you can use the model popularized by Amazon with its Premium Membership, where for a monthly or annual fee, deliveries are guaranteed in a certain number of days.
  • Add value to generic items by creating exclusive branded pieces for boutiques or specialty stores.

Finally, this is where your creativity and innovation can really flourish as there will always be ways in which the skillful micro entrepreneur can devise ways to keep costs low and sales high without sacrificing the quality of their products or services.

  1. Ingenuity:

Edmund Hillary would never have climbed Everest without Tenzing Norgay. Beethoven needed the initial instruction of Christian Neefe. Even Luke Skywalker needed Yoda to be able to use The Force. And everyone who starts their own business also needs strong mentors to be successful. Certainly, it requires humility to admit that we do not know what we simply do not know, but there is also a great power in doing so because it allows us to have an open attitude.

It can also open doors to new opportunities in networks that in turn will help boost our sales or negotiate better with our sellers.One of the keys to success is having the ability to let ideas flow. Having the germ of creativity in all the dimensions of your company will help differentiate you from the competition. A tip: sometimes simple ideas are the most successful.

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What Helps For The Business Growth?


Business is all about communication. Deriving the right communication strategies will help your business attain the peak level. There are people that do not know how to derive the communication strategies that suits their business and services dearly well. When it comes to choosing the communication strategies, people will tend to think something big. Thinking something big and thinking something out-of-the-box has differences. You should keep your promotion strategy simple yet grabbing.

You can use the best Google voice alternative for your business communication. You should know how to form the strategies that help for your business promotion. First of all, you should make sure to use the common language in your communication strategy. That is, you should use the language what the users can understand. The promotion content should be readable and at the same time it should be to the point with right grammatical standings and other things. You should not promote your business with the plough content.

Next is that, rather informing “about us”, you should keep people informed about “what they can get with your business or services” as this will help them know what they can achieve with your business. Thirdly, you should know how the users make the buying decisions. You have to include something on your site that can turn your visitors into your customers. This is how you should derive the communication strategy for your business. The following points will let you know the strategies of the business phone numbers.

How to Align, Define and Make Money with the Business Numbers?

  • The sales and communication alignment should be planned according to the real users of your business. You all know that, people buy various products from various companies. You should create the communication content for your target audience rather creating in general. Here is how to improve your sales with the communication campaign.
  • First is that, you should make sure your communication message matches your customers’ needs. This is what I said making content for the target audience. You should know who are actually going to buy your products and make content for them. Keep your target audiences informed about your products rather than to everyone.
  • Make sure to appoint the follow up sales person that is highly responsible and could remain answerable to customers’ queries. There are sales persons that do not sound effective when customers come on the telephone line for making sure about the product details.
  • You should not ignore your existing customers or repeat customers for the intention of creating new sales. If you do, you will have no customers to retain in the future.

With the assistance of the voice alternative device, one can receive calls from different environments just being at one place. Attending the calls from various locations and forwarding calls to various locations are possible with the voice alternative. This is the reason why you are asked to use the voice alternative device for the success and promotion of your business.

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