Top Questions to Ask Your Interstate Removalist When Moving from Sydney To Melbourne


If you’re planning to move from Sydney to Melbourne, don’t fall in the trap of leaving things to chance and ending up with a chaotic, haphazard relocation. Instead, with a little planning & preparation on your part, your interstate move can be smooth & easy. The most important aspect of any removal, that affects the quality of the move, is the removalist company. The removalist company you choose must be competent enough to provide you with a hassle-free interstate removal. How can you ensure that, you ask?

Here’s a comprehensive list of questions to ask potential Removalists Sydney to Melbourne, before making your decision:

1. What is the removalists modus operandi?

This is one of the most important questions to ask a potential removal company. After all, you are trusting them with your valuables & paying them to do a good job. So, you have the right to know just how they plan to move your items to the new location.Do they have quality trucks that can safely transport your items, no matter how big or how fragile they are?

2. Do they provide insurance?

If a removal company does not provide transit insurance and other types of insurance for a secure move, that’s a definite red flag & you should steer clear of them. Insurance can protect your valuables from loss or damage and is essential when it comes to Interstate Removals. Any Reputable Removalists Sydney to Melbourne will provide insurance to facilitate a safe & secure move.

3. Do they have any accreditations or good customer feedback to their name?

What’s the best way to ensure that the removal company that you choose is reliable? Simply look at their customer reviews & feedbacks. Do they have good customer feedback & reviews? Another thing to consider is to see if they have won awards or certificates to prove that they are good at what they do & have been recognised for it?

4. Am I required to pay a deposit?

Find out if you need to pay a deposit to confirm booking. Enquire about it when you call for a quote, and if deposit is needed, pay it to secure your booking.

5. How will they keep your items safe during transit?

Don’t just take their word for it that your belongings will be safe during transit. Ask them to explain to you just how they plan to ensure that they are kept safe. Do they have specialised moving trucks to ensure even your most fragile items will be kept safe?Do they have trained packers who will expertly pack any fragile items to ensure that they stay damage-free in transit?

6. What does the quote provided include?

Never assume that the quote includes everything. Instead, ask the removalist what is included in the quote provided. If you want a complete removal service, including furniture disassembling, packing, moving & reassembling, then specify that you need all those services & request an upfront quote.Also enquire about whether there are any hidden costs involved. Reputable removalists will provide upfront quotes with no hidden costs, but some dodgy companies out there might indulge in such unsavoury practices. This is another red flag; if a company is not forthcoming with the rates or are overly vague about it, you should avoid them.

7.  How long have they been in business?

Interstate removals such as Sydney to Melbourne require the expertise of experienced removalists.Enquire about the removalists experience. How long have they been in the moving business? How many Interstate Relocations do they handle in a year? Knowing these numbers will help you determine whether a potential removalist is a good choice for your Sydney to Melbourne relocation.

8.  What additional services do they offer?

When planning an Interstate move, you need a removalist that offers more than just basic relocation services. Some additional services include, but are not limited to, carpet cleaning, utilities changeover& storage services.With such additional services, you can get a move that is all-inclusive, allowing you to take care of the other aspects of the move, knowing that your removalist has you covered.

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