How To Study Effectively Using Mobile Phones


Technology has permeated into almost every aspect of our lives and we have become so dependent on technology that we cannot imagine our lives without it. Notably, modern technology is significantly altering our lifestyle and even transforming our attitudes toward a lot of things. One area that we are witnessing a drastic change is in the education field and it seems that learning, in particular, has come a long way from just traditional textbooks and written notes. Besides, most of the students today own a smartphone and they are further making use of these devices in a productive way – to learn and even study for tests and exams. While mobile technology has reached a new standard, it is also providing an easy way of learning to modern day tech-savvy students as well as others. Moreover, many are now considering mobile devices as the most preferred alternative for learning various subjects as well as preparing effectively for the exams.

That being said, today we will discuss how mobile technology is changing the game for students by helping them learn effectively and achieve better outcomes in the exams.

Mobile Apps

 A mobile device can run various types of software or more specifically certain types of apps. The good thing here is that there are thousands of apps for education and learning as well as exam preparation apps available for download. Students can easily find such apps in the app stores and download the appropriate one. The apps are usually designed to offer a more engaging and one of a kind learning experience. The apps also contain a lot of features like videos, quizzes, animations, solved question papers, notes making it a one-stop solution for students. The apps provide a lot of other things as well. For instance, you are studying physics and you come across the topic of a concave mirror,then you can easily open any learning app on your mobile device and access a lot of information about it.

Educational Content

Most of the mobile devices support internet connectivity. Therefore, students who own these devices can easily access all kinds of educational content like videos or podcasts and more from different websites like YouTube and more. The good thing here is that with video lessons, students will be able to remember the topics more clearly and for a long period of time. Students can use their mobile devices to download and listen to educational audio contents like online lectures, tutorials, etc.

Other Uses Of Mobile Technology

Mobile devices, if used in the right manner, can be a really valuable tool for students in their education journey. As such, mobile devices can be used to carry out various other activities. Mobile devices can be used as eReaders and can house a vast library of ebooks. Not only that, these devices can be used for effective communication between students or their teachers. Students can initiate group discussions and collaborate on many things using just their mobile devices. Mobile phones can further be used to take down notes as well as access information about certain topics and even exam dates, registrations etc. These can all be done instantly by accessing web services especially Google search in mobile devices. Just to give you an example, if students want to know about the density of water, they can just type the topic in Google search and get all the information in an instant. Additionally, students can use the cameras to take pictures or record videos of important work or documents.

These are some of the ways in which mobile technology is changing how students learn and study.

Meanwhile, students can check out BYJU’s YouTube channel and learn about different science and math topics in a more engaging and efficient way.

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Is our Life always calculated?

dcuo1 : I always loved a life which was more calculated than reality. Like every one of you, I too defined success on the ability of profit, loss and the percentage of interest gained.

This had enabled me to answer a question, “Why do people alienate others?”  Or maybe ” Why do people dump others while walking on the same pavement? “

Even I did the same. I too ditched people because of meager benefits both at the personal level and at the professional level. I always had this idea that money can take you to anywhere you want irrespective of any support or help.

If you ask me my present scenario, I would wrap up the entire question by a single answer “Successful”. I have my own bungalow, two private cars and a handsome amount of salary. But tell me something, despite being a perfect groom why should I marry someone and connect my earnings to her?

And then, I stepped into calculations. She was undoubtedly beautiful, tall, fair and my parents best perfect match (games blog online , for me. But I calculated. Indeed I thought that she should earn at least sixty percent of what I earned so that it’s equally even to link my assets to her.

Moreover, she should be at least twenty seven  (.as several calculations said) in order to be a typical mature wife who can guide both her professional and personal life without any fuss.

I wanted a perfect eyesight, precision figure, and unmatched eyebrows. I do not trip overlooks, but neither have I wanted my kids to possess the genetic disorders which my wife would carry.

And of course, while calculating the health of my future generations, diabetes is a strict NO.

Yes, indeed I support all religious contexts, but I do not want my kids to be diced over nonsense titillating issues over religion while they are growing up.

Well, after setting al the parameters, I pressed enter on the search option

All I wanted to find is s perfect word who will fill my blank, just as you would want.

But all these calculations paced my age to thirty keeping my blank unfilled.  Six years down the link, I was stuck in a room bounded by calculators and matches based on calculations.

One fine day, when I woke up, I found myself amidst a pin drop silence.

I found doctors around me staring at my parents as if something weird and terrible had happened.

I turned back to see my body lying on a gossamer wrapped sheet and a doctor besides my body writing the cause of my death in my last certificate as ‘ Level III, Cystic Fibrosis.

And above all, I saw a girl sitting beside my body fumbling upon the words ‘I tried my best to ace your calculation, but failed every time’.

I suddenly realized, even my heart had a door which could open.

P.S- The work is composed of fictions and imaginary occurrences. Neither the author nor anyone is amplified by this story. It was an attempt by the author to redefine science of Love.

By: Sayan Basak

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What We Learned About WordPress in 2018


WordPress users have been the beneficiaries of several major changes and updates to the system so far in 2019. New data and marketing feedback has also allowed WordPress website owners to gain new insights into what makes a WordPress site work for specific types of businesses and niches. Read on to find out what’s been learned about WordPress so far in 2018 and how you can use the new information to improve your own WordPress websites.

Gutenberg Makes WordPress Easier

The release of the Gutenberg editor has arguably been the biggest change to WordPress in 2018. Gutenberg is a condensed power-editor that allows users to integrate media and other features directly into an article or post using the article’s default editor.

Many newer users and those without HTML or CSS knowledge are praising the release of the new Gutenberg editor because it makes drag-and-drop operations even simpler and more powerful. This editor hasn’t been bundled into the core WordPress release yet but is expected to be rolled out to all WordPress users by the end of 2018 or early in 2019.

So far, users who have tried the beta version of Gutenberg have left overwhelmingly positive reviews. You can try to new editor for yourself in its beta version at WordPress official Gutenberg page.

The new editor is expected to be implemented on both and versions of WordPress but it doesn’t change the imperative that WordPress users should download and install the .org version of the WordPress Content Management System on a proper web server with WordPress hosting options in order to fully take advantage of what the CMS has to offer.

Themes are Improving

We’ve learned from both an enduser perspective and as website administrators that WordPress themes are getting better each month. If you haven’t updated your WordPress theme in the past 6 months you should really be browsing some of the free or premium WordPress theme developer collections like those at ThemeForest and TemplateMonster to see if you’ve been missing out on any new designs or features.

Some of the improvements seen in WordPress themes from various developers in 2018 include new customization options and more responsiveness in frontend design. Most theme developers offer either proprietary editors or third-party plugins to allow you to make changes to your website without editing any coding.

One of the most popular style editors that can be used to customize the home page of your WordPress website is Yellow Pencil. This affordable plugin converts CSS styling options to simple graphical menu options so you can see instant changes of your site’s color scheme with just a few clicks.

Plugins are Getting More Advanced

One of the most important lessons that WordPress users and website owners are learning this year is that plugins are becoming incomparably useful tools for WordPress websites. Every WordPress website owner has a few select plugins they rely on but in general plugins have sometimes gotten a bad reputation in the past. That’s because plugins are sometimes found contain vulnerabilities that can affect the security of your WordPress websites and databases.

You can mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities from your WordPress plugins by getting secure WordPress hosting and keeping all the plugins and software that websites runs on up to date.

A couple of the more exciting plugins to recently hit the market include i-Search and CommentRefsi-Search allows users to see live search results as they type on your WordPress website, much like is done on Google and other search providers. CommentRefs is aimed at helping you highlight and share the best comments on your articles to improve the quality of engagement on your site.

Along with these newer plugins many major and established plugins are making changes for 2018. Yoast SEO is a great example of this as it’s been implementing new coding techniques to give your WordPress website the upper-edge when it comes to search engine rankings.

WordPress Security is Improving

WordPress users and developers have learned a lot about web security in 2018. There have been prominent leaks and vulnerabilities discovered this year that had the ability the affect millions of WordPress websites.

WordPress maintains a guide on how to report bugs and potential security risks for users and developers. For those interested in finding bugs in cutting-edge WordPress technologies and versions there’s a beta testing program that is helpful to the entire WordPress community. WordPress security improves each month and should continue to tighten as 2018 progresses.

There have been several major changes to the WordPress CMS platform this year and virtually all of them have been well received. WordPress users are especially excited about the Gutenberg editor and the new, more powerful plugins that are finding their way to WordPress site owners in 2018. Keep your WordPress installation up to date to make sure you benefit from all the changes and improved user data analytics for your own websites.

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Say ‘no’ to the hotspot: How broadband provides multi-device connectivity


Why use your phone’s data for a temporary Wi-Fi connection when you can get the best broadband for a more permanent measure?

Most people are still, inexplicably, using their mobile phones to ‘hotspot’ their other digital devices. A hotspot is a temporary Wi-Fi connection created so that digital devices in the area may access the Internet over the phone’s network. You must set up the hotspot on the phone first – enter a username and password for the connection, and then choose the ‘Portable hotspot’ option under ‘Network settings’ to create a Wi-Fi zone. Your other digital devices can then log in using this connection, after they have entered the same password that you have set for it.

However, there are a couple of problems with hotspotting your phone for Wi-Fi. First, the phone hotspot cannot provide a continuous and wide range of coverage. The range and utility of the phone hotspot is quite low, and it is largely dependent on the signal strength being offered at the time.

Second, the phone hotspot consumes the phone’s data. The longer you browse, the more phone data is consumed. This phone data is the same that is used even by the phone for in-device browsing, calling, texting and other surfing needs. Thus, the hotspot eats up into monthly data, so your network speeds are also reduced.

It is old hat to use a hotspot in this fashion. Modern lifestyles demand the best broadband connections – and it is imperative to get one.

The best broadband connection – why it helps

Broadband Internet offers superfast speeds and multi-device connectivity. One connection can suffice when you wish to connect many digital devices at once. Airtel currently offers the best broadband connections, with up to 10 devices being easily used simultaneously on the same connection with no lag in speeds or network uptime.

So from your Smart TV to your mobile phone, every digital device can be connected on the same broadband connection. Also, broadband offers more uniform coverage and a wider range than a phone hotspot.

Airtel broadband – a winning idea!

If you are on the lookout for the best broadband connection, you need to look no further than Airtel broadband because –

  • Airtel offers speeds of 40 Mbps to 100 Mbps, depending on the plan you choose.
  • Airtel V-fibernet has top speeds of 300 Mbps, with 99% uptime.
  • You get monthly data between 100 GB to 1,200 GB, and bonus data if you book the Airtel connection up to October 31, 2018.
  • Each connection offers fast speeds, unlimited calling, data rollover and other benefits.
  • You also get high discounts on taking the 6-months or 12-months plans.
  • Airtel offers a free router with the installation, and also a one-year free subscription to Amazon Prime on certain plans.
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the real western union hackers online 2018


Surprisingly, in 2018 and maybe 2019, we go through many crazy phones, but this year LG introduced the LG V40 ThinQ, a smartphone with five different cameras. Sounds crazy, the price range is approx $1000, so no big deal for some people. But if your income is not so good, and you need to use this phone, then what! How can you buy this phone? Well, there is a solution- you need to buy mtcn numbers from the real legit western union hackers online and use that money to buy this phone. Let’s know the detailed features of this phone. Real team Western Union hacker at website Mtcnhacker.Online They are top Legit mtcn hacker.

The LG V40 ThinQ will release 18th October 2018. This phone Weight just 169 gm. Its equipped with Nano-SIM slot including sd card support up to 512 GB using the dedicated slot. The total display is 6.4 inches that is protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The LG V40 ThinQ has the OS of Android 8.1 (Oreo). The Internal is a bit low- 64 GB may be because of the sd card expansion support and has 6 GB RAM.

It has total five-camera setup, three primary or rear cameras and two front or selfie cameras. All the camera has different focus settled and settings for maximum effective photography. On the back, you got three cameras with three different apparatus settings and all supports optical zoom. There is a led flash for low light photography. On the front side, if you are selfieholic, you will get depth mode or group mode as per your choice because one of the cameras has wide angle lenses. The quality of the photos taken by the camera is good, and it depends on tweaking the settings. But the price point is much higher, so you may need to support of the real western union hackers online, who will show you the way for making money for this phone.

Another good news for this phone is they keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack. To listen best quality music, there is no substitute for a weird headphone. On the box, LG provides stock headphone with adjustable earbuds. When you enter a headphone jack, a unique setting will pop up, that will change the whole music listening experience.

Furthermore, the fingerprint sensor is not fast responsive like other phones, but they are accurate in a level. There is a dedicated switch for launching the Google assistant, but the sad part is you can not reprogram that switch for tasks of your choice. This phone came in two colour variation, New Moroccan Blue or New Aurora Black. Other features are generally not describable.

Additionally, the only downside for the LG V40 ThinQ is its Non-removable Li-Po 3300 mAh battery. The battery and screen size ratio will not do the justice for keeping the phone running for a long time. If you are a music lover, you need to buy this phone surely. If you don’t have the money yet, ask the real western union hackers online for the hacked mtcns, and you will be able to buy this brand new phone. Though it may look like it came from a concept phone series, the sound quality will eventually blow your mind!

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How to Revive Your Website With Evergreen Content


Do you find yourself lacking ideas when it comes to content writing? What if there is such a thing as content that everyone likes and that never goes out of style? Yes, it’s actually possible. So if you want to learn more about this almost-too-good-to-be-true content strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is This Sorcery?

Evergreen content is the sort of content that never loses its purpose so that it can always bring valuable information and continue to address your audience’s core needs. It also has a few other advantages, apart from the fact that you don’t have to rewrite these older articles.

It Ranks High on Search Engines

Some keywords only help you rank high with content you’ve just published, which happens for press releases, for instance. Evergreen articles can help you achieve a ranking that lasts for years if you choose the right topic and the right keywords.

It Generates Traffic

Evergreen content brings organic traffic that is relevant, seeing as it stems from online searches. This traffic is perfect for generating leads that in turn helps you keep a database of your subscribers and maximize your conversion rate.

How to Make Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics are those which withstand the test of time, so they’re always relevant. A rule of thumb is that it’s not affected by the changes in your industry.

Audience Comes First

Timeless articles are written for the audience, trying to solve their needs and meeting their expectations. Such content is valuable and creates engagement, so you need to write quality articles that address your consumers’ needs.

Something for Everyone

Evergreen content helps your website target very different audiences, considering it appeals to very distinct people. As such, make sure that the way in which you deliver this content attracts the attention of different targets, by doubling written text with images and video. In fact, statistics show that the quality of your design will also affect your brand.

Another thing would be to avoid technical language because not everyone understands it. Even if you have a lot of expert information to offer, explain it like you would for a complete beginner.

Social Media

Timeless content has to be promoted on all your social media accounts, which link back to your website. And since evergreen content attracts more audiences, the first advantage is the increase in followers. Besides, it’s a free form of advertising.


Evergreen trees need water to thrive, so you can repurpose your evergreen content to feed it. As such, articles can be turned into how-to guides, audio feeds or video tutorials. The important thing is to use new and multiple marketing channels, which help your content become viral.


Evergreen content depends on an SEO strategy. Optimize your content by doing a thorough keyword research, using unique meta titles, tags, categorizing etc.

You should also avoid all current events because they have short lives. They rank high in searches because their keywords refer to what’s happening, but that doesn’t last long.

That said, remember that evergreen content is a great lead and traffic generator, bringing long-term value for consumers and minimizing your advertising expenses.

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Top 5 Reasons to Migrate Away From PowerBuilder


PowerBuilder for years has held the title of being one of the best application development software solutions among the various Rapid Application Development software technologies mainly due to its speed and simplicity. While this might have been a rarity in the past, thea advances in technology and programming languages have rendered PowerBuilder obsolete.

Many firms are taking the first step towards migrating away from PowerBuilder to a platform such as Java. Java adds flexibility and has added benefits which outwits PowerBuilder in many ways, such as the following:

1. The growing popularity of Java

Java is essentially a language that is platform independent, i.e, it can run on any platform without depending on the underlying operating system. Java allows for rapid prototyping, and easy customization making it one of the best choices for upgrading from legacy applications.  To add to it, people who are familiar with languages such as C and C++ will find Java fairly easy to use.

2. Limited support for PowerBuilder

PowerBuilder isn’t well supported in today’s times as there is a limit in the number of experts that are familiar enough with it to provide help. This number seems to have seen a steady decline and is only likely to continue down that line. Without support, the chances of being able to get assistance on PowerBuilder when you need it are very low.

3. PowerBuilder has become obsolete

Not only are versions 8 and below no longer supported, but version 9 and above are simply viewed as stop-gap measures with web-enabled features patched in. None of the modern features are up to date and it is prime that you have software that not only meets current standards but also leads modern development by constantly iterating over design.

4. Flexibility of Java

One of the main benefits gained from PowerBuilder to Java conversion is flexibility. The same look and feel that PowerBuilder offers can be offered by Java with a degree of automation. There is compatible error handling as well as security in place with Java. Similar services can be offered, with efficient technology which is where PowerBuilder falls short.

5. Feasibility of Java

PowerBuilder widens the gap between business’s IT shop and advances in technology. The main reason being that the dynamic changes in frameworks and programming languages need to be accounted for, which is one factor that PB has not been able to capitalize on. PowerBuilder to Java Conversion allows an organization to recruit from a much larger pool of programmers, avoiding costly desktop deployments and licensing once and for all.

Integritas Solutions guarantees a specific approach to migration for your particular needs. Every step of the process is planned in order to ensure utmost precision.

A conversion to java would ensure that you are rid of having to maintain support for PowerBuilder and of maintaining business logic at the client side.

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Keep Your New App Safe from Hackers in 8 Easy Ways


As cybersecurity companies bolster security measures to keep the hackers at bay, there are still holes for threats to enter. For app developers/mobile app development companies who’re gearing up to launch a new app, here are eight easy ways to protect the app from hackers.

Protect your new app from hackers with these eight easy ways

1.Work only on secured back-end network connections

App security measures should be started from the development phase. If you’re using cloud servers, ensure that the API accessed by the app is protected and secure. Proven ways of keeping the eavesdroppers out are through containerization, encrypted connections using VPN, and consulting a network security specialists to perform a ‘penetration test’ to evaluate the vulnerability of the network.

2. App security from the ground level

Make security a priority and enforce necessary measures for native apps. Vulnerabilities which exist in the source code of the app are not as severe as those which are present in data and network security components. Always test codes and stay safe from hackers.

3. Pay attention to how customer information is secured

With mobile apps, data is largely stored in the device making it more vulnerable than web storage. There are certain apps called ‘Leaky apps’ which make customer information available without consent. To protect customer information, encrypt files and mobile databases.

4. Authorization, authentication, and identification measures

Authentication provides an extra layer of security. Be wary of apps that rely on third-party API. Restrict app access for the API to minimize vulnerability. Install OAuth2 to manage secure connections. Also, look into OpenID Connect, a federation protocol specific to mobile apps.

5. You can’t test enough

A critical component of app development is testing the app codes. While tests are in progress to check usability and functionality, include security tests. These must be specific for authorization, authentication, session management, and data security issues. Perform penetration test and emulators.

6. Strong API security strategy

Secure API to secure the app. Three nodes of API security are identification, authorization, and authentication.

7. It all boils down to the user

Ultimately, security of the app rests with the user. Users must avoid rooted and jailbroken devices.

8. Tread with caution when practicing BYOD

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) opens vulnerabilities in the network. Minimize risk through VPN, blocking unauthorized devices, firewall protection, and antivirus software.

As mobile usage increases, so does the hacking possibility. Stay safe with strong mobile security strategies.

“Brought to you by RobustTechHouse.”

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Tips for a Seamless Website Transfer 


When it comes time to transfer your website to a new web host there are a few tips you should keep in mind. By following the proper steps for moving your website from one host to another you will ensure a smooth, seamless transfer for your data and files. Organizing your credentials, moving your files at the right time, and making the proper DNS changes can help you silently move your website to a new host with just a few minutes of work.

Organize Your Credentials 

You’ll need several sets of credentials handy when you need to transfer a website. This includes the usernames and passwords for your current host, your registrar, and any third-party software applications you’ve been using.

If you’re getting ready to transfer your website this is a good time to make sure all contact records are up to date, and you’ll the registrar credentials later on anyway to make the proper DNS changes. Go to your domain registrar and make sure your data is up-to-date before the transfer. This includes contact names and addresses and any emails or phone numbers you want to register with ICANN.

Don’t forget to gather credentials for other applications your website uses such as your WordPress administrator password, Google Maps tokens and API Keys, and any information needed to use plugins you’ve installed.

Finding The Right Host 

Don’t make the mistake of deleting your files from your current web host before you create an account with a new web host. This could leave you with unnecessary downtime which could affect everything from customer opinions to search engine rankings.

Look for a host that offers a price you’re comfortable with and enough speed and bandwidth to maintain or improve your website’s current performance level. There are several types of hosting available ranging from traditional shared hosting packages to VPS (Virtual Private Server) and cloud hosting. Review the specifications, including hardware and speed factors, before signing on to any new web host. It’s also a good idea to make sure your new host is compatible with your current website platform before making a purchase. Some hosts, for example, offer WordPress-optimized hosting which can be helpful in getting your website set up and optimized for SEO.

Some hosts even allow you to transfer a website through an automated or assisted process, if you’re new to site transfers then look for a host that can make it easy for you. Keep in mind that a few hosts charge for this service.

Making a Copy of Your Files and Data 

After finding the perfect web host for your website you will need to make a complete copy of all the content, files, and data your sites relies on. The easiest way to do this is to use a backup utility. WordPress users have given JetPack and UpDraftPlus good reviews though each of these tools do come with a small fee.

You can also manually backup your website quite easily. Simply login to your current host and access the file manager through your cPanel or administrator panel to find your folders on the server. Once you’ve located the root folder that contains all the HTML, data, media, and other files for your website simply click ‘Download’ to create a copy of them on your local machine. If there is no download option you can access the folder through FTP and right-click on the root folder to save everything.

Uploading Your Files Properly 

Once you’ve got a copy of your website on your local computer then you’re all set to upload it to your new host and wrap up the transfer process. If you’re making use of one of the automatic transfer tools then simply install the CMS of your choosing on your new host along with the accompanying backup plugin. Follow the process described in the plugin’s guide, which typically just consists of just a few clicks, to upload your content to the new host.

If you’ve downloaded your files manually it’s still going to be an easy process to get them uploaded to your new server. Simply access the root file system on the new server through the cPanel file manager or FTP and select the ‘Upload’ option. If your files were compressed into a .zip or .HYPERLINK “”gz format then wait until you upload them before decompressing them. This will save you some time in the uploading process.

Change the DNS in a Timely Manner 

Once your website exists on both the new and old server it’s time to change the DNS settings to reflect the new web server. This is an important step in making sure you don’t have any downtime for your website. Log in to your registrar and input the name server information provided in your welcome email from the new host. If your host didn’t email the name server information you can retrieve it from your administrator dashboard. Wait at least 72 hours before deleting the files from your old host so that DNS servers across the world can update properly.

Test Your Website Transfer 

Use an online tool to test your website once you’ve completed the transfer process. You can test the functionality and appearance with a simple Internet browser like Chrome or Firefox but load times and optimization should be tested with a tool like Pingdom or ThinkWithGoogle. Assuming you’ve chosen your new hosting provider wisely your website should be as fast or faster than it was on the previous server.

These surefire tips for transferring a website will guarantee a seamless process that won’t interrupt service for your visitors. Making a list of your credentials before the transfer process is a great way to save time when you need to make DNS changes and bring the new copy of your website to life.

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Life saving technologies


Science does not stand still, and the developments that help to quickly diagnose various diseases and effectively deal with them appear every single day. However, high-precision equipment is very expensive, and many hospitals simply cannot afford to buy it.

Asyl Miras, the charity foundation of Bulat Utemuratov, volunteered to help clinics and organized fundraising for the acquisition of cutting-edge technology. Thanks to this, the children’s hospital in the North Kazakhstan oblast got a powerful digital radiographic complex, universal ultrasound scanner of expert class and two disinfection cameras. More information about this event can be found by following this link.

Charity and noble bike ride

<p>The funds were raised as part of the BURABIKE charity bike ride, which is held annually in the Akmola oblast with the support of the Rixos Borovoe hotel. For the first time this action was held in 2013, and well-known Kazakhstanis with an active civil position were its participants. Since then, the event is held on an ongoing basis.

On the day of the bike ride there are themed entertainment zones, fairs and play parks working within the hotel grounds. At the end of the race, an auction is traditionally announced. All the collected funds go to procure necessary equipment for children’s medical institutions, perinatal and rehabilitation centers.

The most valuable lots of BURABIKE

Bulat Utemuratov considers charity an integral part of its activities, just like business. You can monitor the projects of the benefactor on the website  href=”“>

In the entire history of the bike ride BURABIKE thousands of people took part in it. In different years the column of riders was headed by the captain of the Astana Pro Team, Alexander Vinokurov, the winner of the Le Tour de France-2014, Vincenzo Nibali, the Minister of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly, and the benefactor Bulat Utemuratov.

The charity auction always attracts the attention of collectors. Nibali’s bicycle, Rafael Nadal’s racket, Fabio Aru’s super-light bicycle, T-shirt of the Olympic champion, Dmitriy Balandin, and a bicycle of the Kazakhstan’s brand Vino from a limited series. The paintings by children from orphanages and boarding schools are constantly exhibited out for bid.

BURABIKE is not only assistance to hospitals and other budget organizations. This is a visual advertisement of a healthy lifestyle and domestic tourism, the organizers of the bike ride emphasize.

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