Cloud Storage Solution – A Should Have or Not?


Cloud Storage has its own positive and not so encouraging features for business industry. Let us have a look at pros and cons of using Cloud storage solutions.


  • Hassle Free Data Storage – Cloud storage offers online and an offsite data storage facility. With the service providers or the Hosting companies managing data storage in a secure way; cloud storage is a hassle free data storage option
  • Ease of Scalability – It gives you a flexibility to easily increase or decrease storage capacity based on the variable data storage requirements. I am sure you can understand what all one has to go through to scale up on-site data storage facility or ponder the idea of the idle storage area at hand.
  • 24×7 Connectivity – You can access your data from any part of the world, having internet connectivity. That too without any physical storage devices by your side makes cloud storage a great storage option.
  • Ease of Setting up and Recovery – Cloud storage provides ease in setting up of data storage center and data recovery in case of any disaster like fire or floods causing damage to on-site data storage devices.
  • Cost Efficient– With cloud storage facility, you need not invest in high end storage hardware like servers or magnetic tapes and employ professionals to maintain and upgrade them. Cloud storage helps you minimize the cost of data storage make it much more efficient.
  • Security – With multiple layers of security protocol in place; cloud storage employ strong measures to thwart any potential security breach.


  • Bandwidth Constraint: Cloud storage/ hosting companies offer bandwidth allowance. Cloud storage may become a costly option in the event of your business surpassing the allowed bandwidth. However, you may find online various hosting companies offering unlimited bandwidth and, negotiate to have a feasible deal for your business.
  • Privacy Concerns – By choosing cloud storage option, you are allowing valuable and sensitive business information to be stored at a third party facility. It is like keeping those CONFIDENTIAL files in someone else’s locker. By doing so, you may put your company at risk.
  • Cost Build up over the time – Cloud storage may look like a cost efficient in the initial years. However, over the years, it can become a costly proposition to opt for a cloud storage facility than having an on-site storage options.
  • Law of Land – Local legislations may not allow your business to use a public cloud facility. If you are from industry like financial services or are a publicly trading company, you need to weigh your option before going for a cloud storage facility.
  • Speed – Relatively slower download and data speeds of a cloud storage facility can be a concern to the businesses that require minimal response time. Other data storage options like SAN may prove to be a much faster option.
  • Accessibility: You would not be able to access your data if you do not have an internet connection. It can be a real inconvenience, sometimes though.

You may decide what sort of data storage facility your business requires based on the above mentioned pros and cons.

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