March 24, 2019
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Brent raw value (LC1) from 0538 GMT to $ 57.86 a barrel, up to 80 cents, or 1.4%, from its closest part.

American West Texas Intermediate (WTT) Future of Crude Oil (CLC1) per barrel was $ 48.77, 81 cents, or 1.7 percent.

During the expected trade talks beginning Monday, financial markets have hoped that two countries starting on Monday will reduce stress between the two countries.

The United States and Beijing 2018 have been closed in an increasingly commercial place, increasing import tariffs on each other’s goods. Conflict has weakened on economic growth

The latest mark of massive economic slowdown, which could be fuel demand, sold the British new car in 2018 a decade ago, after its global financial crisis, the initial figures of economic motor manufacturers and merchants Visited on SMMT. Monday.

Goldman Sockey (NYSE: GS) said in a note on Monday that it has forecast an average brent crude for $ 2019 a barrel at $ 62.50 a barrel, as “after 2015” Great Macro Header. “

GP Morgan said in a note last weekend: “For the next two quarters, 3% growth of global growth is likely to be a major challenge.

The bank also said that in the coming years in bond and award markets, the average average price of US $ 60 per cent is set, compared to 40 percent of our economic experts and 27 per cent consensus Compared to percentage prospects. “

By reducing US supply, using OPEC

Despite the slow-motion prospects, raw future prices are being supported by the end of last year’s end-ending, Middle Eastern-dominated organizations include Petroleum Export Countries (OPC) as well as non-Opposition’s Middle East in the.

Due to the lack of Saudi exporter of Saudi Arabia, due to Reuters survey in the last week, the OPP oil delivery reached 460,000 barrels (BPD), 32.68 million BPD in December.

Potential US oil supply has increased to reduce the efforts of OPEC.

According to the weekly data released by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the United States’s raw oil production recorded 11.7 million BPD in the last week of 2018.

It makes America the world’s largest oil producer before Russia and Saudi Arabia.

The record production is also inflammatory in American fuel stock.

Crude oil inventories reached $ 441.42 million barrel in the weekend on December 28.

EIA’s data shows that although the permanent and petroleum stock increased 9.5 million and 6.9 million barrels, respectively, 119.9 million and 240 million barrels respectively.

Stephen Anse, head of the Asia Pacific trading firm in Singapore, has said “a worried concern exposed to US supplies” in the future brokerage own.