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Experts’ Global-the Most Comprehensive GMAT Prep Online Resource

Without a strong GMAT score, you may find it difficult to secure an admit to the business school you wish to attend. It might be prudent for you to take a GMATprep course. Of course, as is the case with other competitive examinations, there are any number of resources available to you. Considering the serious amounts of time and energy that will go into your GMAT preparation, you must take care to pick a truly effective prep resource. One of the most complete and reliable GMAT prep resources out there is the GMAT Online Preparation Program of Experts’ Global, a firm founded by one Mr. Mayank Srivastava.

Instruction Through

VideosInstructional videos are an important part of Experts’ Global’s program. The program covers the GMAT syllabus, through aseries of more than 100 concept videos. These videos are all very crisp, clear, and direct. They are quite detailed but also easy to get through, as they are very straightforward and only ever as long as they need to be. Experts’ Global’s practice material also includes explanation videos for all of its questions. These videos help the students understand the questions that they got wrong, as well as more time-efficient solution methods. Of course, there are explanations in text format as well.

GMAT Congruence

Arguably the greatest strength of Experts’ Global’s online GMAT Preparation is how it manages to provide an experience that is very close to that of giving the real GMAT. The program’s four thousand practice questions and its mock test questions have been written to perfectly mimic the GMAT’s in terms of content and concepts tested, complexity and difficulty of questions, etc. Most impressively, Experts’ Global’s scoring system isalso very much in line with GMAC’s own, with the students’ final mock scores always being very close to their GMAT scores. The level of scoring accuracy that Experts’ Global has achieved is quite rare.

Mock Tests

Experts’ Global also provides full-length GMAT mock tests, 15 of them, with their online prep program. This is a higher than average number of tests for GMAT test series. Experts’ Global has included so many tests becauseit firmly believesin the necessity of giving regular practice tests, to build up endurance and exam strategy. It has already been mentioned just how representative Experts’ Global’s mocks are of the real GMAT and how accurately they can tell the students what their level of readiness is. If you wish, you can take a free GMAT practice test, on Experts’ Global’s website.

Performance Analysis and Weakness Diagnosis

One particularly noteworthy feature of this program’s practice material is its performance analysis software. This software analyzes the student’s performance on each mock and once they are done, shows them a screen that breaks down exactly which areas they did the best in, which they did the worst in, how much time they took on the average question, etc. The software can also analyze their performance, over the course of multiple tests, to provide them with a broader understanding of their overall strengths and weaknesses. Experts’ Global’s students have found it quite convenient and useful to be able to avoid having to devote time to assessing their own performances.

Special Features

Experts’ Global’sOnline GMAT Training Module also includes several unique and innovative features that make learning much easier, ina number ofsmall ways.The “flagging” feature lets students mark questions and file them away, so that they can come back to them later. This is supposed to be used to keep track of the particularly difficult or conceptually

important questions, so that the student can go into them, in great detail, at their leisure. Experts’ Global has also made note taking easier, with the “stickies”, small, colored pop-up screens that can be used to take notes, while studying or answering questions, and then stuck on a “wall”. In including these features to make GMAT preparations just a little bit easier, Experts’ Global demonstrates just how much care it has put into this program. Experts’ Global’s Online Training Module is very well thought out. The instructional material is truly top-notch, covering every GMAT related topic very diligently. It prepares the aspirant through well-paced and rigorous rounds of testing. Truly, few other GMAT prep programs can say that they are anywhere near as comprehensive as Experts’ Global’s.