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What is Physical Design Training?

Physical Design Training is an area of training under Very Large-Scale Integration course that is offered by various institutions as a certified course. It is mostly a month-long training course and an additional month for fresher. The course has fundamentals covered such as device fundamentals, timing concepts, UNIX OS, TCL and advanced digital design along with advanced applications in the course. It also offers aspiring engineers to get in-depth knowledge of all the aspects of Physical Design flow that has Netlist, GDSII including Placement, Floor Planning, power panning, global routing, power analysis, ECO and scan chain reordering.  It also covers different hand on projects based on the theory application provided which is a widely used PnR flow in the industry.

The physical design course in Bangalore has been illustrated really well and is supported by the backing of real time samples from the industry. There is both macro and micro level understanding being impacted across the concepts of the physical design flow as one of the highlights of the course. The physical design training Bangalore is provided with multiple assignments at the end of each module thereby covering all the aspects of implementation and practical experience as well. Additionally, these assignments also prepare you or interviews and big projects in the future.

Modules in the Course:

  • Initial Design Setup
  • Placement
  • Floor Planning
  • Global Routing
  • Power Planning
  • Detailed Routing
  • Scan chain re-ordering and re-partitioning
  • Clock Tree Synthesis
  • Power Analysis (Static and Dynamic)
  • Design for Manufacturability
  • Engineering Change Order Flow

Eligibility Criteria:

Any aspiring engineer or an engineer who is operating in some capacity can join in the course. Also, any working professional in the field of VLSI industry working in an area and are willing to shift towards Physical Design. It is also open for individuals who are currently physical design engineers but are willing to broaden their expertise and understanding are welcome. Any professional working in Embedded or Electronics industry can also join in this course to switch to Physical Designing in VLSI industry.

What does it offer?

  • Faculty taking the class are current working professionals from the industry
  • Real time methodology, solutions and projects
  • Projects are assigned on multimillion gate count design and nodes up to or lesser than 40 nm
  • EDA tools are taken for hands on experience
  • Complete chip level and lower power chip implementation is taught

The physical design training Bangalore is offered by many institutes with high quality within an affordable range. It also presents you the opportunity for placements and other perks aside from just the course. Each institute tweaks the course according to the need of the time that they feel shall be imparted to the students and presents the course with different and multiple combinations.

Some of the prominent institutes offering physical design course in Bangalore are:

  • VLSI Guru
  • Maven Silicon
  • Chipedge
  • Sandeepani

The course can either pursued as part time on weekends for 15 weeks or can also be pursued as an advanced full-time course for one semester. The curriculum is then divided into modules.