The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is the normalised and systemised test that is a prerequisite for admission to most Graduate Schools across the world. The level of prominence that is given to GRE scores, for admission, differs widely amongst schools and departments within schools. A GRE score can be just a formality to preserve convention or the very basis for selection (or elimination).

The computer-based GRE Test comprises six sections:

  • Analytical writing section
  • Two verbal reasoning sections
  • Two quantitative reasoning sections
  • An experimental or research section

The experimental score is not considered for computing the final score. The difficulty level of the GRE General Test is adaptive. This means that the difficulty level of the subsequent sections depends on the candidate’s performance in earlier sections.

The verbal section evaluates the candidate’s aptitude towards reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and vocabulary. The quantitative section evaluates basic high school level mathematical understanding and reasoning ability.

The analytical writing section basically comprises of two distinct essays, an “argument task” and an “issue task”.

Verbal and quantitative experimental sections are present in the test. Although the experimental section is not scored, the candidate will not be able to distinguish between the other sections and the experimental one.

Some of the best GRE classes Hyderabad have a team of professionals with lots of experience in the teaching field.

These are some of the responsibilities taken up by GRE coaching schools to ensure success of their students:

  • First, they help you take a diagnostic test to identify your weak areas and where exactly you need to improve. You need not worry about low scores on a diagnostic test. As the name suggests, it’s just diagnostic – it helps you know where you stand and how you need to hone your skills.
  • They help you plan your study hours. GRE is a competitive exam; quite different from your semester exams. So, only a well-organised study plan will take you places. Like they all say, study smart rather than studying hard!
  • Assessing your progress on a periodic basis is the key to success. The experts at these coaching centres will help you do this. They will help identify your mistakes and rectify them. Keeping these in mind you need to practice again. There is nothing that practice can’t achieve!
  • They also strive to make the learning process fun for you.  They don’t let your preparation bore you. Picture based learning can be very effective as most of us out there have a lot of visual intelligence.
  • They ensure you take a lot of practice tests. They make sure you get used to the GRE interface before you take the exam. Though this may not seem as important on the outset, it may save you a lot of time which will otherwise be wasted in getting used to the interface.

Along with all the above benefits, guidance from academic experts will be available to you at all times. An expert assessing your performances and giving you tips is always better than self-evaluation.

Well-researched course material and quality instructions are available for GRE Hyderabad. There are different timings available for taking these classes to suit the requirement of all classes of people.

Preparation for GRE can be quite the task, but with good trainers, it will simply be a wonderful educational experience with a steep learning curve to it.

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