How ransomware works and its prevention


Ransomware is defined as a malware in which victim’s computer gets hacked or encryption and payment are demanded. Once payment is received all the access is returned to the victim but it is not necessary that ransom will not be asked again in future. The main motive of the ransomware attack is to make money. The form of payment is demanded in the virtual currency such as Bitcoin by which the identification of the cybercrIminals cannot be disclosed.

Ransomware malware can be spread in the form of infected software apps, infected external storage devices, unknown email attachments and compromised websites. Cybercriminal mostly used remote desktop protocol. These cybercriminals can hack the computer and change the login credentials which may encrypt files on the infected device or other linked devises. A lock screen is a form of ransomware.

How it works-

Ransomware kits are available on the deep web which allows the cybercriminals to purchase and use as a software tool. It helps in creating the ransomware with certain capabilities and use this as per their interest and ask for ransom which will directly go to their bitcoin accounts. It is not mandatory that to buy inexpensive ransomware as a service (RaaS) kit, a person should have an IT background.  Anyone can buy this kit and use it even they are not very costly.

Various modes of cyber attack-

1.     You may receive a popup message or ransom email containing the warning if the demanded amount is not paid on the certain date then all the decrypt files will be destroyed or a private key is required to unlock the device.

2.     The subject line may look like to an official mail. Once illegal content or unlicensed software is detected by the victim he will be asked to pay an electronic fine.

3.     The hacker encrypts files and makes money by selling back to the victim.

4.     There is no such specific way by which threat can be detected easily but once the computer is hacked all the data will become unavailable and if ransom is not paid then all the data will be exposed publically which may harm any business.

How to prevent devices from ransomware-

  • To protect the computers from the ransomware attacks or other types of cyber extortion, it is advisable to invest in backup plans and create on regular basis.
  • Always update the software from time to time including antivirus software.
  • Do not open any unknown emails or forwarded links or any kind of attachments which may contain virus or malware.

Conclusion- Well, ransomware attack is almost impossible to stop but keep all the data, files and documents safe and protected help in case of data loss or any damage. Strong data backup and recovery plans help to recover the lost data quickly. Keep all the data safe is the responsibility of any firm and if they lack here then nothing can save them from ransomware attack. Cybercrime is something which may occur without prior notification so always ready with strong backup and recovery plan.


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