How to Revive Your Website With Evergreen Content


Do you find yourself lacking ideas when it comes to content writing? What if there is such a thing as content that everyone likes and that never goes out of style? Yes, it’s actually possible. So if you want to learn more about this almost-too-good-to-be-true content strategy, you’ve come to the right place.

What Is This Sorcery?

Evergreen content is the sort of content that never loses its purpose so that it can always bring valuable information and continue to address your audience’s core needs. It also has a few other advantages, apart from the fact that you don’t have to rewrite these older articles.

It Ranks High on Search Engines

Some keywords only help you rank high with content you’ve just published, which happens for press releases, for instance. Evergreen articles can help you achieve a ranking that lasts for years if you choose the right topic and the right keywords.

It Generates Traffic

Evergreen content brings organic traffic that is relevant, seeing as it stems from online searches. This traffic is perfect for generating leads that in turn helps you keep a database of your subscribers and maximize your conversion rate.

How to Make Evergreen Topics

Evergreen topics are those which withstand the test of time, so they’re always relevant. A rule of thumb is that it’s not affected by the changes in your industry.

Audience Comes First

Timeless articles are written for the audience, trying to solve their needs and meeting their expectations. Such content is valuable and creates engagement, so you need to write quality articles that address your consumers’ needs.

Something for Everyone

Evergreen content helps your website target very different audiences, considering it appeals to very distinct people. As such, make sure that the way in which you deliver this content attracts the attention of different targets, by doubling written text with images and video. In fact, statistics show that the quality of your design will also affect your brand.

Another thing would be to avoid technical language because not everyone understands it. Even if you have a lot of expert information to offer, explain it like you would for a complete beginner.

Social Media

Timeless content has to be promoted on all your social media accounts, which link back to your website. And since evergreen content attracts more audiences, the first advantage is the increase in followers. Besides, it’s a free form of advertising.


Evergreen trees need water to thrive, so you can repurpose your evergreen content to feed it. As such, articles can be turned into how-to guides, audio feeds or video tutorials. The important thing is to use new and multiple marketing channels, which help your content become viral.


Evergreen content depends on an SEO strategy. Optimize your content by doing a thorough keyword research, using unique meta titles, tags, categorizing etc.

You should also avoid all current events because they have short lives. They rank high in searches because their keywords refer to what’s happening, but that doesn’t last long.

That said, remember that evergreen content is a great lead and traffic generator, bringing long-term value for consumers and minimizing your advertising expenses.

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