Impact Of Bone Conduction Headphones On Hearing Impaired People


Bone conduction headphones are the medical gadgets intended to exchange sound through bone conduction. Its parts are sound processors, projection, and a titanium embed. The sound processor on the implant changes over the sound which is received  into the vibrations. These vibrations are then transfer to your ear through your skull bone. The implant makes an immediate association between the sound processor and the bone.

In a background which is noisy, the bone conduction limits the sound and therefore localizes it. Hence, helps in enhancing both speech and understanding. The bone conduction innovation turned out to be extremely helpful for hearing aid users, sports headphones, and military communication.

Advantages of bone conduction technology

Military correspondence

Among all the other fields, military is one of the primary adopters of this technology, executing behind-the-ear style headsets for better communication for the soldiers on the battlefield. It transmit sound remotely as well as give full awareness related to the surrounding environment.

This improvement was very useful for better communication since it enabled the client to hold full familiarity with surrounding sounds (since the headset sits behind and not in the ear) while additionally empowering the capacity to transmit remotely through bone conduction.

Hearing aid users

Since 1977 more than 100,000 hearing impaired patients have been fitted with a bone conduction gadget known as a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid). For some odd reason these headphones are likewise a perfect decision for individuals wearing in-ear portable amplifiers. Believe it or not, in the event that you’ve never attempted it, it’s unquestionably to wear these headphones while wearing a hearing device.

In most of the hearing loss types, for example, sensorineural, conductive  hearing loss. Individuals experiencing the ill effects of hearing loss on account of the damaged eardrum. In any case, here bone conduction fill in as an eardrum in the hearing of an individual.

Sports headphones

 Bone conduction headphones have turned out to be progressively prevalent in the music business. What has been fused into the hearing medicinal services industry for a long time is currently being used in the music media industry as an alternate method to tune in.

In 2008,  Audio Bone was one of the principal standard bone conduction headphone to enter the sports headphone industry. They asserted equal sound quality while likewise enabling the user to hear surrounding sound since the earphone didn’t really cover any piece of the ear. This innovation has turned out to be progressively well known among every developing headphone group, especially cyclists or runners who need both music and introduction to surrounding sound such as traffic sound etc. The bone conduction headphones also guaranteed same sound quality as different headphones.

Scuba Diving

 Utilizing bone conduction headphone submerged is absolutely marvelous, there is no other method to state it. This gadget can be submerged handset that uses bone conduction combined with ultrasound at a scope of 32 kHz to empower remote correspondence as long as you are inside visual range.

One can likewise utilize bone conduction innovation submerged. On account of the bone conduction innovation individuals with hearing difficulty can likewise make their fantasies alive today.

The best bone conduction earphones for hearing impairment

  • Marsboy Bone conduction remote sports Bluetooth Stereo headphones – These type of headphones transmit sound into the cochlea by vibrations. You can likewise appreciate music without including with the noises from background. These headphones are not all waterproof yet additionally bolster Bluetooth empowered gadgets.
  • SainSonic Wireless Bone conduction – They comes with a hands free headset supporting your all types of headphones. They have open ear headset which enables you to appreciate music with your telephone calls. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 with 10-meter go. One additionally combine two cell phones at one time through these earphones.
  • Damson Bone conduction – The damson bone conduction earphone give a foldable and adaptable plan. You can likewise get and make calls through these headphones. It likewise utilizes Bluetooth adaptation 3 and APT-X for better quality video and sound help.
  • Aftershokz bluez 2s bone conduction – They give you a total ear-opening kind of experience. They come in a wired headphones through which you can get or make calls. Their double suspension transducers give you the outstanding amongst other bone conduction sound understanding.

AfterShokz Trek Titanium Bone conduction – There titanium outline gives both adaptability and durability. Their remote availability gives no less than six hours of constant calls and music encounter.


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