Investing in Apple Inc. and why is it the best idea?


Very recently Apple became the first company in the world to cross 1 trillion dollars in market capitalization. This mark was thought to be very hard to breach, but Apple has done on the back of its ever-growing success with their products. The road to a trillion has been full of ups and downs, and today it stands successfully as the most important tech company in the world.

Their numbers have not shown any resilience or signs of slowing down in the past few years; they posted revenues in excess of 229 billion dollars just last year and looks to reach new heights by the end of 2018. As the date of earnings Apple, comes closer you should keep an eye on the company and strategize a way to invest in their stocks.

The best way forward is to study the predicted move after earnings or the PMAEA as it is called. This is a projection of how the Apple stocks are going to perform in the market based on multiple factors such as previous earnings date movement, the performance in the market, their yearly results and much more. The date of announcement is expected to be around the first week of November. The PMAEA will start predicting the most accurate movement of the Apple stocks three weeks prior to the earnings date.

The current movement is predicted to be around 4%, which means it can go either up or down. Since its last release date, Apple has seen an increase in its share price of around 15%; this strong showing is a result of its good performance in the technology industry and which was further bolstered by their record sales of consumer products. If you strategize correctly, you will end up getting your hands on Apple stocks, come earnings date.

On the day of the earnings announcement, the trading is also significantly higher, with around 179 million shares being moved around. This volume is at least 5-6 times higher than any regular day trade. The sheer movement also gives you a significant advantage to trade on this day. The current projection puts the strike price at 8% which is unlikely to touch, but in the off chance that it does, it would be the best idea to purchase the stocks. These are short-term strategies and the chances of this actually happening are rare. Ideally, your AAPL options will expire quickly and worthlessly.

You might be wondering how exactly did analysts come to the conclusion that these numbers can be accurate?

The PMAEA is a figure which is derived from various factors such as past performance before and after earnings date, and other fiscal behaviors of the company. Historical pricing, company fundamental and core values are also taken into account. With these numbers to back it up, you should put your trust in the PMAEA. Investing in companies such as Apple Inc. is perhaps the best thing you can do in a stock market, it shows you are willing to put your money in sure-fire ventures.


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