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The British car maker Jaguar does not have a lot of presence in India at the moment, but they have been quietly belting out scorchers for a while now. The latest midsize luxury sedan to come out of the English stables is the new updated 2018 Jaguar XF sedan. It doesn’t sell as much as other cars in the segment but that doesn’t hide the fact the car is full of pedigree.

The exterior styling of the car is textbook Jaguar design language which implies that the XF is a sweet looking sedan. A sharp front end that tapers all the way to the rear provides a much more refreshed and livelier alternative to the monotonous German sedans. Interior wise, all leather upholstery provides a sneak peek of one of the finest the British have on offer.

Although Jaguar has been through a roller coaster of setbacks in the past, that hasn’t stopped them from producing world-class vehicles and the 2018 Jaguar XF is a stark example of the commitment of the organization.

Driving and Performance

Engine options are plenty on the 2018 Jaguar XF specs , ranging from an entry-level 2.0 Liter 4-cylinder petrol motor producing 247 hp and 276 lb.-ft torque, a 2.0l diesel producing 180 hp and 318 lb.-ft of torque and the range-topping supercharged V6 producing available in two different tunes depending on the variant chosen. The only gearbox on offer is a 7-speed auto shifter that is not exactly the best in the business but still does its job rather fairly.

Comfortable interiors and a supple ride are the names of the game here. The Jaguar XF offers a plush and compliant ride that parallels if not excels another vehicle in the segment. Even on the handling front, things move swiftly and the changes direction with a sense of sharpness. However, a going over a rough patch does unsettle things by quite a bit in the cabin.

The only major let down is the choice of powertrains on offer which dull the experience of an otherwise stylish and involving sedan. The car feels underpowered especially when pulling out corners and even the top spec supercharged V6 motor lacks the pizzazz of say, a Merc or a BMW sports trim.


The Jaguar XF is a premium car and one look inside the cabin is all it takes to prove that a lot of thought has gone into the making of the interiors of the car. The design is like a breath of fresh air that follows its own unique design scheme. The seats are extremely comfortable and offer adequate bolstering and thigh support. A lot of optional extras like heated, cooled, and power adjustable seats are also available.

The 10-inch touchscreen is mounted inside the dash and looks rather vibrant, a little too vibrant at times. The MMI is also a complete let down as it takes considerable time to switch between menus and take inputs. Tech front is where Jaguar needs to work on with this otherwise smart looking car.


No matter which angle you choose to observe it from, the Jaguar XF exuberates class and sophistication. A very sharp front end complete with a mesh grille grants the XF a menacing look. At the rear, elongated taillights along with a sleek roofline further enhance the appearance of the car.

Overall, it is a well-designed car and does not look particularly front or back heavy even after having a long bonnet. Jag has certainly aced the design of the car.


The 2018 Jaguar XF is yet to be crash tested by any major testing agency. Still, you can rest assured that safety is well taken care of, as the Jag offers various active safety and driver assistance features include adaptive cruise control with queue assist, automatic emergency braking, forward collision warning, blind-spot warning, and lane keeping assist with driver condition monitoring. A whole plethora of optional features are also on offer.

Final Verdict for 2018 Jaguar XF

In the world of well-established player, the Jag XF is a fine alternative to the Germans and others. Seeing this car on the road is a rarity which can means exclusivity with this car will be on a high. Sure, the engine could’ve been more powerful and the ride could’ve been better over rough surfaces but the plush ride on smooth tarmac and comfortable interior along with the sweet handling ensures that there are not going to be any major compromises shall you decide to part with your money for this car.