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One of the better ways to protect your home and save your resources, home automation solutions help to perform a myriad of functions. Beginning with security, it takes care of energy management, automation and most importantly provides peace of mind.

A home equipped with an automation system is called a smart home. Certain hardware and software equipments together form the automation system.

What is a home automation system?

The system is a technology that helps you control all the electrical, electronic as well as technical tasks within your home. The system uses a combination of certain devices and softwares to regulate the functions mentioned above in the house.

Any house, be it new or old can be converted into a “smart home” by installing home automation devices. The process of home automation is also known as “domotics”.

Why use home automation?

There are several reasons as to why getting home automation, especially a wireless one, is a good idea. For instance:

  • In case of any intrusion or anomaly in the system, home automation sends an email or SMS to all the designated recipients.
  • It is a one-stop platform for energy management, security, automation as well as eldercare.
  • It does not need any special wiring for installation.
  • You have the advantage of configuring various devices at the same time to suit your needs.
  • The system is easy to install; you don’t need to spend anything extra to get the system mounted.
  • You can remotely remain connected to important things via live video streaming options on your computers, smartphones etc.

What are the devices that constitute the home automation system?

A home automation system constitutes mainly of the following devices:

  • A gateway panel:

This is the main part of the system and helps to connect all the fixtures and appliances of your home into a single network. The panel is also known as the master controller and works wirelessly with the help of the internet. It comes with a guarantee of 24×7 operation.

  • A microswitch:

This is the device that helps you to control various functions of your house remotely. It can turn any device or light on and off and report the power usage for that particular device. These micro-switches come in single and dual varieties. They can also be used as a dimmer and curtain controller.

  • LCD remote:

The remote can control most devices of your house including door locks. This remote is equipped to handle devices like a thermostat, dimmers, switches, door locks as well as other multi-level sensors.

  • Wireless PIR:

The PIR device is a motion sensor device that helps to detect the presence of people around your house. If there is someone within 20 feet of the PIR device, it will automatically notify you.

  • PAN Tilt Camera:

A Pan tilt camera is a CCTV camera that gives precise control in all directions of its surrounding. It also comes with a high optical zoom that gives you the ability to have a clearer view around your house.

Apart from these, there are other devices like panic buttons, hooter, indoor camera and magnetic contact that constitute an automation system. Installing these devices gives you the ability to secure your house more effectively.