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The world has become a global village because the social network is emerging day by day. These social media sites help you to connect to the world, help you to share your creativity, help you to promote a business. Says Roger from Here comes the list of social media sites which made the human life easier.

The First site that comes in everybody’s mind is FACEBOOK. A social networking site that has brought the people close to each other. Nowadays, every member of your family is using this site. This is like a mini world where everyone is aware of each other’sactivities. Says Akshat from

Another site used for from the promotion of your business to entertainment. The site is named as Twitter. People usually use Twitter for the promotion of their business.

. YouTube Another excellent video sharing site. As this a good online business strategy, people earn good money by just posting videos on YouTube. If anyone wants to search for a job for himself, there is no better choice other than LINKEDIN. What you have to do is to just give your resume to this site. Many companies will automatically contact you by just looking at your resume. A blogging website is known as BLOGGER. Those who are interested in writing blogs can use this site and can write different blogs of their interest.

Those who have an interest in music. They can use MYSPACE that allows you to find the latest music of your own interest. Not only music, but you can also find videos and music albums.

OLX selling media site the largest site people used this site to selland purchase things. In these days, people sell their personal things such as mobile phones, furniture and sell them on this site and earn a great amount of money.

There is a photo sharing platform named as PINTEREST. People can also search for different pictures of their own interest and can save them in their pictures gallery.

A location-based media site has also been introduced. This site allows people to find a various location to go with their family and friends. The site is known as Foursquare.

Other social media sites are as follows:-
And so on

These sites are unique in nature. These are the sites where small business promotes their products effectively. These sites will also provide you with a facility for social networking and these sites will also help you to decide which is best suited for your business. Through these media sites, the world has really become smaller. These sites will also give you a facility to keep in touch with your old friends. These new technologies are offering new opportunities in people’s lives. These sites really benefit you as it is all about creativity. These social media sites also ensure your privacy and allow you with a facility to make your content public or private. These media sites will provide new channels for the connection with the rest of the world.


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