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Are you a web developer? You might be dealing with hundreds of websites daily. Is it a big number? So, let’s make it 5-10. Yes, now it’s right.

Since people are moving more and more towards the online platforms for shopping, it has become important for businesses to create their online presence. Therefore, web developers are continuously earning good income via website development.

What if you provide add-on services to your clients? You can earn more, right? Also, your clients will be happy to get an extra feature that saves their time.

Any idea what is that add-on feature? It is offering web hosting service to your clients. When you start giving web hosting service with web development, you offer a one-stop solution to your clients.

Thinking about how to start selling the web hosting service to your clients?  Don’t worry, it’s quite easy. You just need to purchase a reseller hosting plan from a web host, design your web hosting packages and start selling them to your clients.

But you will find many web hosts online that sell reseller hosting. So, it is very difficult to find a good web host. To help you find a good provider, this article gives complete information about the best web host in India – MilesWeb.

Let’s check more about MilesWeb.

MilesWeb – The Leading Reseller Host in India

Established in 2012, MilesWeb is one of the best web hosting India providers that has become popular among web developers in a short period of time. It has always aimed at helping online businesses and to meet the expectations of the users at reasonable prices. Also, they have been listed with big companies like GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.

Their tagline “Setup a Web Hosting Company and Be Your Own Boss!” itself indicates that they offer everything that you require for setting up a web hosting business. So, invest little and eliminate the hassle of infrastructure management after signing up for MilesWeb’s reseller hosting.

MilesWeb Reseller Hosting Plans:

Cheap Linux Reseller Hosting

MilesWeb cheap Linux reseller hosting plans start with Entry at Rs.290/mo, Smart at Rs.420/mo and Plus at Rs.630/mo.

Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting with Free WHMCS

Their unlimited Linux reseller hosting comes with free WHMCS and starts with Pluto at Rs.728/mo, Mars at Rs.1183/mo and Jupiter at Rs.1729/mo.

Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting with Free WHMCS

Their unlimited Windows reseller hosting comes with free WHMCS and starts with Pluto at Rs.1008/mo, Mars at Rs.1568/mo and Jupiter at Rs.2240/mo.

What does MilesWeb Offer with its Reseller Hosting Plans?


WHMCS, a software suite, helps in billing and support ticket request handling for reseller hosting providers. It is not only developer friendly but also, the most secure software. You get WHMCS free with unlimited reseller plans but if you select cheap Linux reseller plan then you will need to buy the WHMCS license. This saves a lot of time spent in repetitive operations.

Host Unlimited Websites:

You can create unlimited cPanel accounts from the WHM. Want to host many websites? You can host unlimited websites in your Linux reseller hosting account.

100% SSD Storage:

Want to accelerate your website performance? MilesWeb reseller plans include SSD storage that helps in giving you better performance. They use flash technology instead of the traditional spinning as in HDD.

Free Domain Reseller A/C:

Want to resell domains too? You get a free domain reseller account with all the reseller hosting plans of MilesWeb. You can sell more than 400 extensions and TLDs to your clients. You get the setup done from their team without any setup charges.

Free SSL Certificate:

Security has become vital for all types of businesses. MilesWeb team takes complete care of your website when it comes to security by offering you free SSL certificate. The SSL certificate helps in securing the critical information such as credit/debit card details, phone number, bank details, etc. It also builds trust among your visitors.

Web Host Manager (WHM):

With web host manager or WHM, you can manage the client accounts, unlimited websites, emails and many other things. You get complete control over your reseller account with WHM.

cPanel Control Panel:

With cPanel control panel, you are allowed to give access to your clients to manage their emails, websites and domains from a web based interface.

One-Click Installer:

The one-click installer, Softaculous allows you to install applications on your website. You can install more than 400 applications such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc.

Free Website Migration:

Planning to migrate from your current web host? Switch to MilesWeb, free of cost. Their team will take care of your complete website migration and that too without any data loss. They have made a record of migration without data loss. This is one of the reasons why they are so popular.

Free Website Builder:

New to website development? Don’t worry as the free website builder will help you to design your website easily. You simply will need to select the theme and add the information about your website. There isn’t any need of coding or programming skills to develop your website.

Datacenter Choice:

You get an option to select the server location for your website hosting. You can select the server location from India, US and UK as per you target audience. There isn’t any additional cost for this too.

Malware Scan and Removal:

As mentioned about MilesWeb team is very careful when it comes to security. The malware scan and removal feature helps them to detect the malware and fix it for you. Your website is auto scanned daily to detect any threat.

 Why Select MilesWeb?

Delivering The Best: MilesWeb team has an experience of several years in web hosting industry. Their team comprises of experienced professionals that are always ready to solve your queries. They know that customers require value for money and so, they offer web hosting service at an affordable cost.

Great Quality Product: Offering custom and standard service to their clients and being always ready to serve quality products is their main objective. They keep on adding new features to their portal, helping the customers to get a wide variety of features to use. They continuously upgrade their products and focus on improving their customer experience.

Competitive Prices: Though they don’t have large base of customer like the big players but they see to it that the services they offer are affordable along with exclusive discounts. Just pay for the service that you have purchased as they don’t charge anything extra.

Customer Support: Since your website is hosted on their server, they are always alert to offer you a solution for any query you face. Their team of experienced professionals is available 24*7 to help you. Customer satisfaction is their main priority and so, they stand different from other web hosting companies.

Easy Upgrades: The traffic on your website can suddenly increase at times due to the offer you run or may be during festive season. So, you need to upgrade your service to advanced plans. MilesWeb makes it easy to upgrade without downtime and any other issues. You can upgrade from basic shared hosting to fully managed dedicated server as per your requirement.

Bottom Line

Reseller web hosting gives a simple way for web developers to offer additional services to their clients and earn extra money. Even entrepreneurs can opt for reseller hosting as it’s a good business to start with.

May it be any reason for you to start the web hosting business, it is important to select a good hosting provider. If you select MilesWeb then you are on the right track as they will take care of all your web hosting needs. So, start your web hosting company and be your own boss.