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Norton Secure VPN helps to protect sensitive data by creating a private network. The hackers cannot access the network so the sensitive data and file of the user are safe and user can browse the internet without any worries.Norton Internet Security Support UK helps the users to deal with the problems of various types of attacks. Here are the benefits of VPN.


  • If the system is connected to the internet through public Wi-Fi, the data that is being sent or received is protected from attacks.
  • The VPN adds bank-grade encryption to the data so it is protected from attacks.
  • User’s privacy is protected while browsing the internet.
  • Users can access their data from anywhere and the user will feel as if he is at home.
  • The data is protected through no-log virtual private network, which does not track the browsing activities and history.
  • Users get good customer support from the company.

Data protection through VPN

Norton Secure VPN encrypts the data that is being sent and received over a public Wi-Fi and the devices and the data in them is secured while the user is online. Users can pay bills easily, access social media websites, perform bank transactions without any worries of their data being hacked. Let us know what VPN is.


VPN or virtual private network creates a private network when a user is connected to the public internet. There are many sensitive data like passwords, bank information, financial transactions and the like, which are sent and received through the internet. The data is encrypted by VPN so it can neither be hacked nor be stolen because nobody can trace it or read it.

Norton Secure VPN Subscription

The company has promised money-back guarantee if the customers are not satisfied with the services. VPN is available with Standard, Deluxe, and Premium version free and users can use it to secure their data.

Search engines

Here are many search engines available online and users search many things on them daily to get the answers of their questions. Users never know what happens when they make a search. They only know what is being done on the browser and what is being stored on their system.Users are able to delete cookies, history, log files and other things but this information is also recorded somewhere else which users do not know.  Here are the ways the users can use to hide their browsing history.

Users can browse the internet in public or private browsing mode. In both the cases, the IP information of the system is collected and stored. VPN can be used to hide the search history and staying online without revealing his IP address.

The Onion Router or Tor sends the encrypted and re-encrypted data to various nodes on the internet and forms a circuit. The circuit is valid for ten minutes during which data is transferred from the source to the destination. The encryption of the data does not occur on the exit node. Sine VPN hides the IP address and encrypts the data so it is not possible for the hackers to steal anything.