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In the developing world, technologies had played a very important role. Our works are getting easier day by day due to the evolution of technologies. You can continue doing your official work by sitting at your resident with the help of portable computer system. The launching of a laptop was a great blessing to the people. Not only for official works, world is using it for entertainment purposes too. Only few of the people in the world notice about the changes that are happening in the world economy due to the existence of this laptop. As of now you have understood that how important and multitasking a simple notebook computer is. So while buying any laptop people will choose the best among the rest. Here are some brands that build laptops Apple, Asus, Lenovo, dell, hp.

Keeping in mind what is the requirement of the average population the best rough and tough useable laptop is from Lenovo brand. It comes up with high mega pixel resolution, with LED screen, inbuilt with 4 high power cells inbuilt and this help to run the system for 7 longs hours. This is the best features that all the version of Lenovo laptop gives, so for a daily and tough use you can surely go for it without any hesitation. This brand has recently launched Lenovo ideapadY480. This is an ultra slim laptop with the weight of 4.85 ibs. This extra light feature of the laptop attracts the user as it become easier for the them to carry it and continue their works where ever they want to. Also you will find the windows 10 operating system in all the latest laptops of Lenovo.

Here are few points that you should notice whilepurchasing a laptop

  • Check the random access memory of the system.
  • Check the read only memory of the system.
  • The internal storage capacity of the computer, do prefer a laptop which have the feature of expandable memory in it.
  • Compare laptop prices while purchasing it.
  • The numbers of cell present inside, the quality of cell inserted and the durability of the battery.
  • The display features of itmust check the resolution of the image quality.
  • The screen type, prefer a LED screening laptop.
  • The audio and video quality of the laptop, capture resolution should be around 1280*720 and there should be stereo speaker and stereo microphone quality.
  • A good touchpad should be available in it.
  • The inbuilt network should be of latest version.
  • It should have the latest windows operating system.
  • The laptop should be installed with required software so that you don’t have to get it installed later.

The above details are much needed for the best solution today


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