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There are a number of kids that are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or what is commonly known as ASD. This disorder affects the learning as well as the social development of the child and they are not able to fit into society. Thankfully, technology has advanced and there are a number of apps for autistic kids that can these kids communicate and learn in a better manner. Here is a look at the best apps for autistic kids that you will find in the market.


Pictello is an easy to use app and kids can use this app to create talking books as well as visual stories. This app comprises of various short videos as well as images and texts that can help the children learn social skills. These images and texts also help children to remember events easily and help them with their non-verbal communication with others around them.


Any parent will tell you that putting an autistic kid to sleep is no easy task. This is where Dreampad comes in extremely handy. This is one of the best apps for autistic kids that are out there. This app plays soothing music coupled with vibrations in the pillow and this helps calm even kids that are very hypersensitive.

Autism Xpress

Most artistic kids cannot communicate their needs or their wants to others. With the help of Autism Xpress, the kids can now express their emotions and let the other person know what they want. This app was developed especially for kids in rural areas to help them communicate with others in society.


AutisMate is one of the best apps for autistic kids that help them complete their daily tasks with ease. Parents usually struggle to help children do their basic tasks because there is a communication gap as far as autistic children are concerned. AutisMate helps parents visually show their children how to do certain things like washing their hands or using the faucet in the kitchen or even brushing their teeth. This app has helped a number of children across the world and it has come up with better features such as sentence formation as well as visual scheduling.


iPrompts is also a visual educational app that helps support the skills of autistic children and provide reminders to them. iPrompts helps children get organized better and creates visual aids that will be accompanied by images. These aids help children understand how much time they need to complete a certain activity without anyone having to remind them.


Cognoa is an amazing app that helps evaluate autistic kids and tracks their behavior. Cognoa has been used by a number of teachers as well as doctors across the world and it has helped them evaluate a number of children. This app contains various tasks that will help autistic kids overcome their social stigma and help them interact better with the people in society.  It then tracks their milestones and sees how much progress they have made. This analysis helps their counselor to understand them better.

Using apps for kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) can be useful for learning and social development. Explore Zoolingo for more educational apps for autistic kids.