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I am sure that you have read a lot of articles about content promotion. We have written a few ourselves. The fact is, there is already an article on some aspects of the promotion that you can think of. But while the number of articles of contents that are published online has increased tremendously over the years, the content, views have minimized, according to a Content Trend report by Buzzsumo. 

You know why? Because the competition is very fierce and the industry is getting more and more competitive and saturated. So, if you think that you were doing a good job a year ago, you have to know that the bar has already risen. Everything that you know about promotion and marketing, you have to analyze and re-evaluate. Listed below are some practical strategies for a content promotion that can provide excellent results.

Piggybacking on favorite contents or topics

You know that something is done right when there is hype around it. By piggybacking on it, especially topics that are trending, you know that there is a demand for it. Not only that, you can use the original article as leverage and talk with people that worked on it.

When Glassdoor published their list of the best medium and small companies to work for, a lot of content marketer wanted to create guest posts based on their list. To promote that, these marketers reached out to the companies on the list, including Glassdoor.

A lot of marketers used the list as a way to open the doors and build relationships. Because of that, they were able to gather information to create a functional and quality article, and at the same time, talk to people who can share your content using their networks.

Look for any content gaps

A lot of topics and contents have been written over and over again. But once in a while, you can find a topic that has not yet been discovered. That is the content gap you should be aiming for. In 2005, we noticed that when we looked at the content or a topic, something is missing.

There are a lot of articles about the subject we selected, and a lot of recommendations about it, but there is some aspect of the topic that no one has discussed yet. That’s where we focused on. By identifying that gap in the subject, we found a need to make an article or content about it and dig deeper by researching.

Once you have decided on a topic, the next thing you need to do is to think about how you can promote it. We didn’t wait until the contents are done. Before we finished the material, we started thinking of ways how to improve it. That way, while you are still making the content, you are also working on the promotion and the marketing aspect of the material.

We started by researching about the topic and looking for people writing about the subject, most importantly, you need to look for the experts regarding your topic. We then reached out to those people and asked them if they can give any inputs about the content we are trying to make.

Out of at least a hundred people we contacted, more or less half of them contributed to the content and got at least 10,000 visitors. You need to make an article that is promotable. Sometimes that is all it takes to have a quality and successful piece. To read more about content audit and content gaps, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_audit.

Make your content ten times better

Moz founder Rand Fishkin coined a phrase, “10x your content.” It means that you need to make a content that is ten times better than what you find on the Internet. Fishkin wrote that phrase because the internet has so many materials, it is challenging to stand out.

You can say you want to be as good as the people in the top ten search results in this particular keyword or keyword phrase, but the question is, how can you create something better than what people in the top ten search result have done. Creating a content that is ten times better is very challenging.

You need to make a material that is promotable and something that is unique and great enough to attract viewers and can give you good results. Your aim is to get viewers to your content. You need to use at least five to six different approaches that include launching on Product Hunt, promote your articles or content on LinkedIn or Facebook groups, use social media platforms, piggyback to other materials, or you can do email blasts.