A company identity is essential to any business. It is what creates brand recall. The company’s identification can be a logo we see everyday, everywhere. Or it is the packaging in the consumer products, the signages in the offices, and the illustrations found in books and magazines. Indeed, the brand’s individuality is everywhere and again, crucial to the success of one’s company or business.

It is for this reason that businesses get the services of a graphic designer to come up with the look they would want to be remembered and known for. That same look is what makes consumers recall the product and how they can identify the brand. Thus, it is crucial that each logo, packaging or illustration creates a positive impression.

However, the role of the designer doesn’t end there. Beyond the logo, illustration or name, the design studio must align the brand’s identity with all other marketing collaterals and even social media channels for business promotion. Some businesses hire an internet marketing company in Houston to fully execute this plan.

Through the experience and expertise of marketing specialists, they present solutions on how to introduce a product or service to the market. For startups, enumerated here are the gains businesses get for employing a marketing expert and creating that brand identity.

Conveys the Brand’s Message

All businesses communicate a message it would want to project. Not only the illustration matters but also the colors and other elements. Have you noticed that most banks, for instance, prefer blue for their logo?  Blue, according to experts, signifies security, stability, and trust. With blue as their striking identity, the financial institutions then communicate to potential customers and patrons that their establishment is standing on firm and secure ground.

Holds the Employees

The company logo not only communicates with clients and its market. It also speaks to the employees. The group’s icon is what binds the workforce together. Similarly, it is the visual symbolism of the organization’s vision or core values. As such, a beautifully created graphic design of a brand unites the workforce together.

One classic example is the use of an arrow in logo designs. An arrow denotes movement and speed. It distinctly shows that the company or brand has a workforce that takes action and geared towards positive change.

Enhances Recall

Brand recall is crucial in any business. Imagine your company identity is easily identified and remembered by a toddler? That means your brand has become so well-known that it may perhaps even replace the generic name of a particular product.

The Importance of Brand Identity

A brand identity is essential to brands and businesses. It is what gives personality to the store and pushes consumers to recall the brand. Similarly, it guides the workforce to act following the company’s core values and direction as reflective of its logo. Most importantly, brand identity is what connects patrons and potential clients to the product.

A  product may become a part of the consumer’s lifestyle especially if conceptualized with great taste and style. Make sure to hire a marketing expert who will effectively communicate your company messages and identity.


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