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While there are numerous Magento hosting providers to choose from, selecting the right one for your business can be a bit of a process. Depending on the size and needs of your company, different providers may suit you better than others. This guide aims to share what options to consider, as well as a round-up of our top 5 choices for different business sizes.

Generally speaking, having dedicated server space is almost always preferable over shared servers, but this isn’t always necessary or financially practical. Unless you are having thousands of site visitors each day, a shared server will likely be more than adequate for your business.

Another topic to take into consideration is whether or not the chosen hosting option is PCI compliant. As a rule, any business dealing with credit card transactions should have a PCI compliant server. Many providers do not offer PCI compliance with shared server plans, so that’s something to keep in mind. It’s highly recommended that you consult with your Magento developer on the best hosting solution for your particular Magento store.

Other issues that have determined our recommendations for the best Magento hosting providers are price, quality of customer support offered, ease of installing Magento on the server, as well as whether or not the provider is a “Magento Hosting Partner” – this last consideration generally ensures the provider is able to offer exceptional support specifically tailored for Magento.

For Small Businesses:


SiteGround is arguably one of the most popular Magento hosting providers for small businesses, and for good reason. Their basic plan starts at only $3.95/month. While this price only applies to the first contract period (either 1-month or 1-year), this is probably the cheapest way to get started. The plan is limited to only supporting one website with 10,000 monthly visits, and adding PCI compliance will require the “GoGeek” plan at $29.95/month.


LiquidWeb is another major contender for small businesses looking for Magento hosting. They are a bit more expensive than SiteWeb and don’t offer PCI compliancy for shared servers, but they are completely compatible with Magento and their 24/7 customer support is some of the best in the industry.

For Medium-Sized Businesses:


Nexcess is probably the go-to choice for most Medium-sized applications, as they offer hosting specifically tailored for this platform. They offer both shared and dedicated hosting, and all of their plans are 100% PCI Compliant. Their prices are more than fair, and their customer support is highly regarded.

For Large Businesses:


As your business scales up, you may need to look at more premium hosting options. Peer1 is definitely one to consider. One way you can tell that they cater to a different tier of customers is the fact that they don’t offer basic pricing quotes, which can be frustrating for customers on a tight budget. However, they offer 24/7 phone support, all of which is handled in-house. They are a Magento Platinum Partner, which is to say that you can count on them to offer great support for this platform.


If your company needs the absolute best available hosting for Magento, then RackSpace is probably what you’re looking for. Definitely not tailored for the small or mid-sized businesses, RackSpace is a superior hosting provider for companies running Magento Enterprise. They have 24/7 customer support, PCI compliant servers, and are also a Magento Platinum Provider. When looking for the best, look no further than RackSpace.