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Did you know that a business phone has over 100 different business-friendly features?

When you choose a business phone service, the choices are limited to a traditional landline connection or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).

Loads of feature-rich functionalitiesare available in the VoIP space. Not all companies offer similar functionalities in their services. Let’s take a look at the features and how they can add value to your business.

  1. Busy Lamp Field

A small flickering light will be present on the other person’s phone when they are on a call with someone. It’s a time-saving feature which lets you know that the person you want to speak with, is already on another call.

You get to know this simply by checking this light on your phone. You save your and their time by not calling them. Otherwise, you would probably send them a message, chat, text and waste time waiting for their reply. In case you want to pass on a client call, you can do so by selecting an employee who is free.

  • Call Park

A call park is when you are putting the customer on hold and then get in touch with an employee, who then dials the parked extension number and speaks to that customer. It allows you to save a bit of everyone’s time while promptly attending to the customer.

You can use this feature to transfer the call to an internal office room and continue the call from there.If you want the customer call to be picked up by a specific employee, park the call and announce it. The concerned employee can attend to the customer on their device.

  • Hoteling

It is similar to a call switch and is also known as a hot desk. Hoteling is when the IP phone properties are switched from one phone to another. Calls, voicemails and specific call settings of one phone can be replicated on another phone with this feature. With this, two employees can share a phone at different times while their outgoing caller ID stays the same.

In today’slocation independent world, this feature is vital. You can take your phone number as you travel without the need for the physical device.

4. Custom Call Waiting

Sold the hold. The time spent by your customer in call waiting can be used effectively to inform, persuade and sell. But remember not to come across as annoying or too much in your face.

Think about it. When the customer is patiently waiting to speak to your team member, they are your captive audience. Many companies choose to play music while others use this time more effectively.

Why not share new releases, global awards or the option to check out the website with your customer? Apart from being helpful, it shows that you are thoughtful as well.

5. Cut the Queue

Time is important for everyone. Use this feature to place a higher value of your and your customer’s time. In this feature, you can quit the queue while the call stays active. If a call puts you on wait for a minute, an automated voice comes asking you to leave a message. Another message can inform them that they will be getting a call the next day at a specific time slot.

The customer can put their time to better use and stay informed. It ensures prompt customer service apart from reducing wait times.

The Last Word

Communication is key in business.  Business phones play an important role in strengthening business communication, internally and externally. A business phone is a must-have communication tool for speaking to your team members, customers, external vendors, partners,and other stakeholders.

Select the features you prefer and see the business transformation happen.

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