For most of us, our early exposure towards the web world will be through the attempt of “creating our own mail id”, from there on you’d have started to explore the other aspect of web like search engine and social medias. Emailing continues to be vital among all other web world’s activities.

Especially when it comes to administering your business or personal communication it inhibits a significant role. According to the survey by digital magazine Windows IT Pro, it indicates 96.84 percent of survey respondents opts email as core to their day-to-day business activities.  This makes it so important for you to choose the best out of all the available mailing services. In order to choose best email hosting services, you have to glance through the essential specifications like security, ease of use, storage space, appropriate filter, compatibility.

Gmail was released in the year 2004. It has many outstanding features which permit it to retain the top position. It provides the mailbox storage up to 15GB. Account expiration for being inactive is extended up to 9months. The spam filter is set to ON, so all your spams redirected to spam folder automatically. It is compatible with both mobile and desktop. Gmail has language option which can be translated to nearly 71 languages across the globe.

When it comes to maximum attachment, the limit set up to 25MB still Gmail has an extended feature as Google drive through which you can attach a file up to 10GB. All your login activities are monitored and alert is prompted through notification email if suspicious activities are found. The only snag in Gmail is the average upload time it takes around 16.5 secs while comparing other mailing sites.

The outlook was hosted in the year 1996 as Hotmail by Microsoft. Outlook incorporates the typical function that Gmail owns, but substitutes with the alternative name. For example, suppose in Gmail when you want to mark a mail you will use star symbol, Outlook instead uses flag symbol to pin the emails so that they remain top of the folder. Spam filters do exist but in a manual form. One feature that you would feel best about outlook is task calendar where you can set a reminder on the mails.

Outlook requires the minimum of 4secs to upload. The option left-hand pane shows a list of default folders, where you can organize the folders according to your preferences. Outlook mail is vastly used for business purpose.

Yahoo is launched by Verizon communication in the year 1997. This webmail is user-friendly and one free service provider. Yahoo has mail storage capacity up to 1TB. It has a specific option to glance through the mail even without opening it. Another special feature is auto reply. For example, you can create reply an automated mail that will be sent to anyone who emails you while you are unavailable or can’t reply. In line with Gmail, Yahoo also executes the spam filter option.

Normally you can attach files up to 25 MB and since it supports cloud storage program like Dropbox and Google drive you can send files which are saved from there on. When it comes to security aspect, you can block a user completely and they don’t show up in any of your message folders. However, the biggest drawback of Yahoo is, it displays too many ads to the extent you need to sift through to read the messages.

AOL mail

AOL is hosted by Verizon communication in the year 1993. You can sign up for AOL mail account through the website, and you can access through AOL software or second party application eg: MS Outlook. There are two types of mailbox displays available, Original style mailbox and new style mailbox. Original style segregates each of the old and new messages into separate individual folders. New style displays all the messages in a unified manner.

In AOL Mail exact storage space is unknown. You can create many folders and store up to 5000 messages in each folder. You can attach up to 25MB file and the average upload time is minimum 0.5secs. There is no two-step security verification available which makes it rudimentary when compared to other webmail.

GMX is hosted by United internet AG in the year 1997. When you send a mail GMX countdown is initiated until the mail completely disappears. In between, you can cancel if you want to edit or reconsider the message.  GMX gives you the option of adding the contact to your address book instead of getting automatically updated.

You can attach the file up to the limit of 50MB. And the average upload time is minimum 4sec.

GMX provides unlimited inbox storage space. Since GMX supports Ads, number of Ads makes it difficult to locate the other options and messages.


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