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If you are currently preparing for college, then what degree you will study is one of the major questions to answer. Making the right choice will be pivotal for the career path you will follow moving forwards, so it needs to be done carefully. Naturally, the end decision will be different for different people as we all have unique skills and interests. It is therefore vital to make the choice based on your own preferences and what career you are aiming for further down the line.

One very popular subject still for college students is business. Recent figures showed that the academic fields that make up business degrees in the US account for roughly one in five bachelor’s degrees awarded each year. This alone shows not only how popular business degrees are but also just how useful they are to the global economy. For many college students, this makes business their go-to choice when selecting a degree subject.

Choose your college wisely 

Of course, once you have settled on studying business, you should also select which college you go to wisely. Of the many college degree programs out there, Bryant & Stratton College offers some great ones specifically related to business. With over 160 years of history in giving the best, career-focused education around, it is a popular destination for many college students needing a supportive environment.

How will a business degree help me?

If you are still a little unsure as to whether business is the degree for you, then here are some great reasons to study it. Hopefully, they can give you some more information to help you make up your mind:

  • It is a practical choice – there is one smart reason why so many people opt for business. It is a highly pragmatic and practical subject that is in demand when you finish college. The skills you learn when on your business course are directly transferrable into all companies across most sectors. All businesses now employ admin or managerial staff to operate – holding a business degree ensures that you have the skills needed to get these roles.
  • Excellent starting salary –we all know that money is not everything, but it is important when choosing your degree and the eventual jobs it could net you. The good news for any business college graduates is that the average salary is around $50,000 per year. In fact, business is always seen as one of the best-paying degrees, only beaten by specialist fields such as health care or engineering. If you then go on to study business at master’s level, the rewards can be even higher.
  • Gives you the tools to start a business – another great reason to choose business is that it gives you all the core business knowledge to start your own company. With all the major areas that you need from HR to finance covered in your degree, you will be perfectly placed to set up your own company and make a real go of it. This cannot be said of other degrees that do not impart the comprehensive overall knowledge that a business degree does in this sector.
  • It is interesting and fun – although there are other essential factors at play, picking a degree that you enjoy is wise. After all, you will be in for a few years of hard study, so you had best find a subject that you find stimulating. Business is perfect in this regard as it covers a wide range of areas. With it being a degree rooted in real life, it also makes any case studies or research tasks more interesting.
  • It is ideal to specialize in –although these degrees will usually cover business in general, this does not mean that you are limited for the whole course of your study to a more general overview. A business degree can actually offer lots of opportunities to specialize in specific areas such as accounting or marketing at a later stage. This means that you get the chance to pick up a broad range of knowledge that is useful in the real world before pinning it down more fully later on.

Business is a great degree subject to study

As the above points have hopefully shown, there are many reasons to study business at degree level. From equipping you with the in-demand skills to succeed in your career to simply being a stimulating subject to cover, it has much to recommend it.