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The world of web hosting changes often and new innovations come to the market on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to keep up with the latest changes to website hosting by subscribing to a website hosting blog where everything from prices and performance to ease of use are discussed in detail. Check out these top 10 hosting-related blogs to get more information about your favorite web hosts or see the latest trends in website hosting. 

1. PCMag 

PCMag is a world-renowned computer magazine with an excellent blog dedicated to comparing web hosts. This online blog reports on web host changes, pricing, and compares speed and other factors you’ll care about as a website owner on a regular basis. PCMag compares hosts through over 30 factors so you can feel confident that you have a comprehensive understanding of what each host has to offer after reviewing their annual hosting report. 

2. Web Hosting Geeks 

This hosting-focused blog not only writes about topics and trends in hosting but compares and even issues awards to hosts. They do in-depth reviews that any website owner will appreciate when looking for a new host. You can also find a long list of hosts compared by over 20 factors on this blog so you can easily see which companies you should be considering. 

3. WP Beginner 

WP Beginner is a WordPress blog that dedicates a lot of realty to the topic of web hosting. You can find information here about to how get set up with a new host, how to install WordPress on your web server, and even find price comparison data to make your hosting shopping an easier task. WP Beginner also contains dozens of articles on how to make your website or blog more efficient which, in turn, can help you save money on hosting. 

4. B2Evolution 

B2Evolution is an excellent online resource for hosting information you can quickly browse through different topics related to hosting and operating a website through this blog’s user-friendly navigation system and article structure. You can even find news and announcements about promotional offerings on this handy hosting blog. 

5. BlogTyrant 

If you’re looking for a new home for your blog or website it’s a good idea to check out BlogTyrant for some advice. This excellent hosting blog contains facts and statistics about hosts as well as useful guides on how to make the most of your hosting account. BlogTyrant reviews hosts from a blog-centric perspective which is great for bloggers and owners of smaller websites. 

6. Hosting Advice 

Hosting Advice is a popular blog that discusses all aspects of hosting your website. They offer detailed reviews and pros and cons lists about hundreds of different web hosts to give you a better idea as to which host will work best for you. According to its front page counter, this blog has had millions of views and contains over 500 posts. 

7. Hosting Review 

Hosting Review is a website for website owners and has an amazing blog comparing web hosts and providing information about how to best utilize your current hosting environment. This hosting blog on Hosting Review measures dozens of popular hosts and rates factors like speed, customer service, and value, for multiple hosting packages at each host. 

8. WhoIsHostingThis 

WhoIsHostingThis is more than an online tool to determine which hosting provider is behind a particular website, they offer a well-rounded blog with thousands of reviews on nearly every web host. This is a great blog for reading personal reviews and testimonials about specific web hosts and bettering your hosting-shopping experience. 

9. The Associate Reference 

The Associate Reference is a unique and helpful blog that reviews reseller hosting plans to help you see which reseller host you can make the most money with. This blog has a clean layout with easy-to-read articles and a handy RSS feed. If you’re interested in making money with your hosting account or want to find out more about reseller hosting this is the first blog you should visit. 

10. WebsiteSetup 

WebsiteSetup is an interesting blog that contains several reviews, guides, tips, and other articles that you won’t want to miss out on if you currently utilize website hosting. This blog maintains a list of the top 10 web hosts for WordPress users and lists the pricing and limitations associated with each host. 

These website hosting blogs provide all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision about which host is best for you. They also publish articles and posts about new trends in hosting, tips for making the most of your host, and even guides for increasing the efficient of your websites and blogs. Bookmark some of these hosting blogs to remind yourself to check up on hosting news and trends or subscribe to some of them with your favorite RSS reader.