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Using mailing services to send invoices is often the best way to go because you have hundreds of invoices to send every month. You do not have time to send out all these invoices on your own, and you cannot afford to stand in the Carlsbad post office for a few hours while trying to send these documents. It makes much more sense to hire a mailing service to help. The mailing service can do everything for you, and they will show you how to make the best choices for each new mailing you send.

1. They Create The Mailing

You are given a very professional mailing that uses a nice envelope, your logo, and a nice printing on the front. You could build invoices that have the window in the envelope, and you can have them display the exact information that you know is needed for your customers. The envelopes are stuff and mailed at your request. You do not need to lift a finger.

2. They Use Your Information

You can forward all your information to the company for the mailing, and they will translate that information in the forms that are sent to each customer. You do not even need to print the invoices. The mailer will do this for you, and they will have all the envelopes ready when the time comes. You might set up a secure transfer system with the mailing service, and they will get all your information encrypted. They can open it, make the invoices, and mail when needed.

3. They Mail On Your Schedule

The mailer is sent out on your schedule, and it is delivered to any location around the country. You can use the postal service to send everything, and you do not need to worry about adding extra costs to the mailers. You are not shipping with a parcel service that wants to charge you even more money just to send invoices to your customers. You are paying a small amount of money to have the mailers created, and you will not pay extra just for special postage.

4. They Ship In Bulk

You can ask to have all your invoices shipped in bulk so that you can save money on your shipping. They will get you a bulk mail rate that is cheaper than buying stamps, and you will not need to worry about losing money because every stamp becomes so expensive if you are buying hundreds at a time. Bulk shipping is often better than trying to go the post office to buy stamps, and you need to see if there is a bulk rate that you can use specifically for your business.

5. Conclusion

The shipping service that you use could be used at any time to reach your customers when they do not respond to emails or prefer to do business on paper. Sending electronic messages to your customers does not always work, and you need to have another way to put an invoice in their hands. You should ask if there is a way to make the shipment happen as fast as possible, and you could use certified delivery if you believe that is needed because you are sending such massive invoices. Send your information over the mailing service so that they can get started.