The online world has shown lots of improvements with the latest technologies. However, the researchers are still trying to make more developments for our convenience. Now, to say about this internet age, we like to discuss social media. These social platforms are not just a source of amusements; they are one of the essential resources in the workplace and to the businesses. In professional and personal life, these media have gained much value. Though the online social platforms have already become an entertaining option, you will surely find lots of other technologies, integrated with them in future.

Interpreting your mind-

It is one of the cool things that we are going to get in social media. The technology will be capable of reading your mind. This is superb technology with the help of which you can use your mind for controlling Smartphone. Through various research works, the researchers have already brought development to this innovation. Imagine the situation when you are thinking to do something, and your Smartphone will accomplish it quickly for you. You can send text messages to your pals only by thinking of the content. Thus, those, who have lack of motor abilities, will get benefit from this technology.

Motion sensing technology-

It is another new capability that we will enjoy in our modern devices. In the present market, you can find automated heaters and lighting systems or the autonomous cars. It is easy to have control over all your household appliances. We are grateful to those brands that have introduced Wi-Fi connectivity to their innovative products. The special sensor can assist us in using appliances in a better way. We can integrate it while dealing with social media.

AR- It’s now in your social media

Augmented Reality- You have heard this term in different fields. This is such a technology, where real and virtual worlds get combined to your mobile application. In pokemongo, one of the latest games, you can find this AR technology. However, in addition to the gaming world, the researchers have also found its application in improving and optimising the social platforms. For digital marketers too, it is one of the most helpful options. As we have already seen its use in the practical world, we think that AR will get more improved in future.

Artificial or virtual assistant-

Most of the favourite Smartphone brands have added this feature to attract more consumers. If you are one of the iOS users, you will find Siri as your assistant. Cortana is the assistant to all Android users. The idea of AI is applied to social media. Now, give your commands and control your phone. You will also have the opportunity of chatting with the robot, created with AI technology. The engineers are paying more attention to it to have more developments. So, wait and see what new things you will get from the online social networks.

Virtual Reality-

Now, after AR, we like to mention the relevance of VR. There is a slight difference between these two things. For the introduction of this new technology, you will feel that you have got into a virtual domain. The modern game makers have already applied it to presenting the exciting game to the gamers. Now, VR will inevitably find its place in social media.

Facial recognition-

You may have some ideas on this technology. It is designed to verify and identify a person by merely making a comparison of a digital photo of the facial part. However, this data needs to be stored in advance. At present, the facial identification system is applied mainly for security. In future, we will see its usage in several other areas. Apple has already integrated this facial detection technology as a way to unlock the devices, like iPhone X and 8. The social media, Facebook also offers this opportunity to their users.

Thus, these are the new technologies, which will surely refine your experience of using social media. The organisations should also be highly considerate in choosing the technology for managing social media. They have to make out the capability, which is essential to the business operations in the online social platforms. You can get the innovative features in the latest mobiles. In many online sites, you can find Smartphone with discounts. Moreover, for an exclusive deal, you may have a coupon from You will have an improved mobile model at a reasonable rate. Look out for new mobiles, released in the present market.

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