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Planning to sell off your old phone? Today, we live in a digital age, where the world of gadgets is evolving, and we all wish to have the best smartphone in our pocket. If you are ready to burn a hole in your pocket every time a new flagship phone is released hit the market, the odds are on the higher side that you own more than one handset  or you can sell off your old smartphones to fund your new smartphone purchase. 

But, now coming to the bitter truth is, for much you must sell off your smartphone and, how to get the price for your old gadget? Here, we list; we highlight three killer tips to keep in mind-

1. Online Portals –  Sell With Convenience

Today, you have the luxury to sell your old phone from the comfort of your home or office, with utter convenience, just by listing smartphone for sale on trusted phone trading websites. The process to sell off your phone this way is quite an easy way, all you require to register yourself as a sell on online gadget trading portals, and then publish your ad for sale, highlighting all the details about the model name, brand name, and describe the condition of the phone, and the best price to sell off.

2. Social Networks –  Sell To Your Known

Today, social platforms like Facebook and  Twitter is the best place to sell my old phone. Write the post on your wall, and share on multiple groups to find the right buyer for your smartphone. If your phone is in good working condition, especially the body is scratch less, the odds are high, and you will find a buyer in your friend circle.

3. The Local Retailers – The Best Way To Turn Your Trash Into Cash

The easiest means to get rid of your old smartphone for cash is to reach out to a trustworthy mobile shop in your area. They might offer you a great exchange deal; also they will deal with your old phone in an eco-friendly manner.

So, consider to sell my old phone? A few things you got to keep in mind are: format your phone, erase all the data present on your phone, right from contacts to media content. Also, make sure you do the paperwork, an undersigned that you have sold off your phone; this will save you from the future legal hassles.