Web Hosting Tips We Learned in the First Half of 2018


Hosting services tend to upgrade and change several times a year as new technologies emerge and competition in the hosting market drives frequent innovation. So far in 2018 hosting companies have already made several changes including changes to pricing, upgrades to equipment and policies, and new more flexible hosting plans. Check out these changes and tips that web hosting users have discovered in the first half of 2018.

Better Pricing for Web Hosting

One of the biggest changes to hit the world of website hosting so far in 2018 is a change to pricing structures. Many hosts are now offering deeper discounts for extended hosting agreements to maintain current customers and draw in new business. This is great news for website owners because they are saving dozens and sometimes hundreds of dollars simply by purchasing an annual contract. It also eliminates the need to keep up with a hosting bill every month, which is more efficient for both the host and the website owner.

Another tip for getting the best price on your website hosting package in 2018 is to look for a low-cost unlimited plan. Many hosts are catering to website owners who want to run multiple websites for a flat rate every month and as a result unlimited plans are growing in popularity across the board. You can even find an unlimited hosting plan for under $10 per month now through reputable hosts, which was previously unheard of.

Part of the reason pricing has changed this year is because of the introduction of cloud hosting and VPS hosting. Virtual Private Server hosting saves consumers money because it allows the host to allocate resources in a very efficient way, leaving no part of a server to waste. This efficiency helps website owners cash in on more resources than they would have gotten with traditional shared hosting plans.

Cloud hosting pricing has also changed throughout the year as the format grows in popularity. Many hosts are charging per-hour or per-byte for cloud accounts which can work to your benefit if you’re willing to do a little math and compare pricing across formats.

Getting Faster Website Hosting

One tip website owners are learning this year is that they can achieve faster load times for their websites by switching to hosts with faster, more energy-efficient network equipment. Solid State Drives are becoming more affordable and many hosts have abandoned the traditional platter-based server drives to help users achieve faster speeds.

Check to see if your current host is making use of SSD-equipped servers to make sure your content is loading as fast or faster than your competitions’. SSD isn’t the only new technology to be utilized by hosting companies in 2018. Many hosting providers are now using fiber connections and high-speed routers, switches, and other upgraded network equipment to provide lighting-fast data transfers that have a real impact on end-users.

New Types of Website Hosting

Although some of the newer hosting technologies were invented prior to 2018, they weren’t all in widespread use until the first half of this year. Hosting companies are jumping into advanced hosting platforms like cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and other scalable formats to afford website owners more options.

Cloud hosting accounts offer a highly scalable solution which is perfect for websites that ebb and flow in traffic rates and have dynamic content that doesn’t always require a constant rate of server space. If your website is dynamic and your hosting needs change on a frequent basis then the cloud hosting options being brought to market in 2018 could save you some serious money. VPS users are also seeing changes this year as new operating systems are being released and VPS environments are becoming more compatible with software like WordPress, MySQL, and cPanel.

New Features To Look For

One way to take advantage of the changes website owners have noticed in hosting plans this year to is to look for CMS-optimized plans. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla users have noticed web hosts catering to their favorite Content Management System this year with optimized plans and easy one-click installation software.

Other new hosting features you’ll hear website owners taking advantage of this year include free website transfers, an increase in reseller hosting options, and increased security as some impressive security applications have been released in recent months.

The changes brought to website hosting in the first half of 2018 have resulted in amazing deals and offers from dozens of popular web hosts. New formats and faster technology are improving website speeds and making fast website hosting more affordable for websites of every size. Cloud and VPS hosting have grown in popularity in the first half of this year and more hosts stepping up to offer these services. Make sure to compare not only pricing but speed and optimization factors so that you can get the best deal possible on your hosting this year.


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