April 23, 2019
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You know how there are two sides to every coin, right? That, in life, a certain object or situation can never be all white or all black; there will always be two different sides to it – like flipping a coin. Well, the same goes for Christmas, regrettably. Behind the celebrations, the smiles that we see, the festive days we enjoy, exists a dark truth.

A truth you may know nothing about or a truth you’d rather be blind to. After all, knowing this truth might change the way you see Christmas – forever.   

Christmas has become a tradition in probably every Western country in existence. Families anticipate the coming of the winter months and prepare for it in advance. Aside from preparing clothes to brave the winter with, supplies to last the cold months, and emergency items for heavy blizzards, what people prepare for more than anything is Christmas Day. It’s one of the grandest traditions the world consistently upholds and people, both young and old, highly anticipate the eventful festivities that take place every year.

Children are overwhelmed by excitement the moment they see their parents putting up Christmas trees and stockings. Surely, they’re going to get a ton of presents and candy this year too. If they’re lucky, they might even get to see Mr. Claus himself! Adults, too, look forward to the coming of Christmas Day. After all, it’s one of those special days that give them a valid excuse to put aside work and be with family. Just the thought of eating Christmas cookies with a warm glass of milk near a cozy fireplace with every family member you love with all your heart is definitely a thought to live by. It definitely makes you wish for Christmas to come a little sooner. 

However, no matter how magical this season sounds, no matter how lovely and endearing, the truth behind Christmas is much darker than you think. And no, I’m not going to tell you about some occult stuff or anything like that. I’m going to talk about reality.

To be exact, it is not really Christmas that’s the problem here. It’s our “practice” of Christmas; the way we think it should be celebrated. On TV, on the radio, in the internet, we hear it all the time:

“Famine victimizes thousands.”

“Non-biodegradable plastics pose danger to marine life.”

“Pollution is causing global warming.”

And yet at Christmas, what do we do?

We prepare food beyond what we manage to eat and throw away the excess as scraps. Not minding the people who fight over a piece of bread each and every day of their lives.

We wrap presents, thousands of them, only to rip them apart and throw them right after the festivities are over. In the UK alone, according to this infographic, this can accumulate to 227,000 miles of wrapping paper annually.

We cut down real trees to decorate. Buy cheap plastic to embellish our homes with and throw them straight into the trash after the season over. Next year, let’s buy some more to throw away.

This is what we call festive waste. And it’s ruining our environment.

Give that some thought.